Writing test on level 3 – food rations and gunfire topics

American military food rations - MRE.Another examination set on level 3. The courtesy of the PAFSL in Łódź. Good luck!

English examination set #L3/W/006

Level 3


Time: 90 minutes

Task One

Part A

Recently your troops were chosen to test a new kind of food rations NATO want to introduce. Look at the information you received from the NATO Logistics Agency and your notes. Write a reply to the agency representative. In your letter 1) give some information, 2) to explain things and 3) to ask for clarification of certain points. Use the notes below and write between 100 – 120 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions or input, otherwise you will be penalized.

– Use new rations for 2 weeks/field conditions – OK, but next month – exercise!
– Report soldiers’ weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) weekly! – BMI – how to do? More info needed!
– Give men questionnaire on taste, energy level, satisfaction – 1 page of questionnaire missing!
– Report back results, use Form 4! – Form 4? Not there! Send it!
– Medical check-up necessary?

Part B

Write a memo for the platoon leaders. 1) Briefly inform your subordinates how the food test will be run. 2) Say what rules your soldiers have to follow and what consequences for breaking the rules will be. Write between 60 – 80 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions. Otherwise, you will be penalized.

Task Two

You are taking part in a military mission in a foreign country. In the region where your unit is stationed there has been an incident with some local people. You have been tasked with writing a report about it for HQ. In your writing 1) describe the incident 2) present its consequences and 3) make proposals how to improve the situation. Write between 200-250 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions and input! Otherwise, you will be penalised.

- suspicious noises sounding like firearms
- people moving towards us
- no reaction to our warning shots
- possible ambush – open fire
(from patrol commander’s notes)

Another Shooting in Afghan Village

Three Shot And Two Wounded by Patrol Soldiers

Suspicious Locals Turned Out Unarmed

Local Celebration Ends in Gunfire

(Headlines in magazines)

 A military briefing devoted to the tactics. Military English test in writing according to Stanag6001 requirements.

- information campaign – why we are
- regular meetings with local authorities
 – more co-operation with local forces
- humanitarian aid
- procedures – retraining for soldiers
- culture experts’ advice
(from a briefing)

Soldiers visiting the village after the gunfight. Local citizens comments and thoughts.