Writing test – answer samples

Writing samples of the military writing according to Stanag6001.Below you will find possible answers to the writing tasks: L3/W/007.

These are real students’ papers, where I corrected some grammar errors and awkward phrasing. I preserved the original layout, work organization and student’s way of reasoning. Despite some flaws you still can find in these works, the given examples are good enough to pass the exam on level 3. Read it, use it and compare with your own papers.


Dear Mr Mayor,

In response to your e-mail with the general requirements regarding the emergency situations, I am pleased to inform you that our local unit will involve its manpower and resources in order to support the local community.

I would like to acquire more information about the circumstances regarding the mentioned 7 villages. Were the people warned and what is the number of the people to be evacuated? We are also ready to support you with the military food rations. Having the exact location of the emergency shelter, we can deliver rations there. We are also in touch with the UN food agency regarding food supply in the recovery phase of the operation.

Coming to the issue of river flood barriers, we are not the military engineers’ unit. Nevertheless, I have already contacted the US Army unit with proper capabilities. I am awaiting their response. I suggest that you appoint a civil coordinator and pass all the necessary details to me. Should you have any questions or information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Faithfully




DATE: 24 October, 2014

SUBJECT: Current situation on the eve of the flood

  • Recently some activities have been taken in order to prepare locals for the forthcoming flood. Not all of the issues have been addressed so far. Although emergency shelters were equipped with the military rations, with cold weather conditions outside, people will be suffering from the lack of warm clothes.
  • I put under consideration the proposal concerning the organization of a medical care post in the shelter camp run by Polish paramedics. Additionally, I recommend that we approach the Red Cross delegation regarding organization of warm clothes distribution.


SUBJECT : Accommodation of Polish soldiers in an average military unit.

CASE STUDY : The housing situation in the XYZ military unit varies from case to case. Some of professional privates complain about the standard of barracks they are living in. The NCOs who are renting flats from MHA also claim that the rents are high and the agency does not invest in the renovation of the blocks of flats. Medium and high rank officers from the unit whose families live away from the military living quarters also complain. Their expenses connected with commuting from home to the living quarters near the base are not covered by the housing benefits they receive.

PROS and CONS: One of the biggest advantages over the other people is that the military personnel receive housing benefits. Another advantage is the possibility of obtaining a flat to rent from the Military Housing Agency. Among the biggest disadvantages worth mentioning is the fact that soldiers have to serve far away from their houses and sometimes they have to wait for months or years to be given military quarters.

POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: One of the best solutions would be an American approach to the issue which means that soldiers should be living in the bases equipped with shops, schools, kindergartens and medical centres. Otherwise, we will observe more accusations towards Military Housing Agency regarding their management and corruption. The abovementioned solution would also end up with some savings on housing benefits, currently paid to soldiers.