Writing tasks on force protection issues

Military English exam - writing task on force protectionToday, I present you the whole examination set on level 3. The writing tasks below were designed to address force protection issues, which have recently dominated Polish media after the break into FOB Ghazni, Afghanistan. See the press articles on it here: Video reconstruction of the attack & media release, article in Interia.pl). Although the exam tasks were inspired by actual events, all data inside are fictional with no relevance to real bases, FP system or ISAF reality. We call it sanitized version. Even though, once you try to do this test, you will handle the FP issues on the theatre easily. For your convenience, at the bottom of the article you will find ready-to-print pdf version of the set. Good luck!

English examination set #L3/W/004

Level 3


Time: 90 minutes

Task One

Part A

Recently the Polish sentry at the gates and in the watch towers in Forward Operating Base Ghazni (FOB Ghazni) complained about the unacceptable behaviour of the local security company named BAATFA, which was hired to protect the base. As the Camp Commander at FOB Ghazni you are obliged to inform your brigade commander about any security issues and propose solutions. In your note to the commander 1) describe misconduct occurances noticed by the Polish guards, 2) propose any changes in duty organization which may help, 3) ask for liaison with BAATFA director to clarify on each accusation. Use the notes below and write between 100 – 120 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions or input, otherwise you will be penalized.

Sentry’s complaint – main points: Your notes:
often late for duty – no justification or explanation given; talk to Afghan supervisor
leaves weapon unattended; dismissal? refreshing training?
weapon safety precautions disobeyed – aiming weapon at fellow soldiers; not good, some penalties to force, training?
frequent chats with passers-by – local people distracting them from duties; change place of duty
noon prayers conducted even on duty – no one to watch the peremeter different hours of duty, sentry composition mixed with the Poles

Part B

Write a memo for the platoon leaders. 1) Briefly inform your subordinates about dangers caused by Aghan partners, 2) say what additional safety precautions your soldiers have to follow and 3) task soldiers to report any suspicious behaviour immediately through their chain of command. Write between 60 – 80 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions, otherwise you will be penalized.

Task Two

Since the enemy has recently conducted a high profile attack with VBIED on small FOB Warrior (Ghazni Province, Afghanistan), you were tasked to revise the current Force Protection (FP) system at FOB Andar (Ghazni Province). Write a report about it for your HQ. In your writing 1) describe the enemy tactics used in the recent attack, 2) assess whether FOB Andar can be subject to such attacks, 3) identify the current most vulnerable points in protection system proposing solutions to it.

–  tighten screaning procedures;

–  suspend local market trade

–  sentry reorganization

–  CIMIC – organize Shura with village elders;

–  press release & radio broadcasts for local people (IO campaign!)

INTREP #12/09/2013: „FOB Warrior was attacked in the morning when the sentry was changing on towers. VBIED exploded in the area of adjoining car market, which was set up there just a week before.”


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“Quran burning protests rumbling through Afghanistan” BBC


SIGACTS in Ghazni province - a chart with statistics
Joint patrol of ISAF soldiers and policemen from ANP

Writing tasks level3 English exam - Force Protection topics
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