Writing tasks – level 3 exam

English military exam – level 3

Today, you will find a full examination paper from level 3 English exam. It consists of two tasks. The first task is two-staged. General student’s ability required from you is the reasoning and a proper composition of official letters. You are given some texts, pieces of information you should use in order to compose proper correspondence. Like the other examination sets this one contains also a task requiring a report. You cannot get away without this form of writing! 🙂

Writing part of the exam


Task One

Part A

You work for a military language center in Poland. The Hungarian MoD wants to send some soldiers for a Polish language course. They have sent a letter to find out if it is possible. Write a letter asking for and giving necessary information. Write between 100 and 120 words.


Soldiers – how many? / in a group or individual?

Exam? – certificate – want?

Accommodation  – language center (+ food) – €30

                 – hotel*** (B&B) – €70

February till June – No! / March till July – OK


Part B

Your CO has got a letter from the Hungarians saying what they have decided on. You have been tasked with preparing the language center for the course. Write a memo to your CO informing him (1) what has already been done and (2) what else should be prepared. Write between 60 and 80 words.

Task Two

Write a report describing the present situation of the arms industry in Poland. (1) Outline its achievements, (2) indicate problems and (3) suggest solutions for the future. Write between 200-250 words. The pictorials below are given to help you but do not have to be used. 


Polish Army to Buy Leopard 2A4s! Why not PT-91 “Twardy”?

Malaysia impressed by the Rosomak. Will they buy them?  

Łucznik Produces the Best Kalashnikovs!

Few New Contracts for Polish Arms Producers! Will They Survive?

(newspapers’ headlines)


Soldiers’ opinions Polish arms producers’ opinions
I think the Polish army should buy Polish tanks.

Leopard is old but still does a much better job in the field than Twardy.

Let’s keep the Polish factories busy. People need jobs!!

We have too little money to make new equipment

Politicians do nothing to promote us

Polish factories should co-operate more

The chart illustrating annual Polish arms export figures