Writing – level 4 task

Writing task – level 4


Your unit is going to organize its own language classroom to intensify language training of the unit and you have been tasked with writing a report on the matter. In your writing (1)propose basic equipment the classroom should contain to provide proper language training (2) propose trainers to be responsible for the whole language course (3) discuss organizational issues (4) speculate how long the course should last (5) analyze the possibility of outsourcing option (6) make recommendations on the course programme. Justify your opinions. Write between 500 and 600 words. You have 70 minutes for this task. Below are some prompts that may help you.

Why tablets are lousy learning devices and how they could be better?

(Modern Technology Blog)

Tablet ownership among college students has correspondingly skyrocketed and a Pearson Foundation survey found that it has tripled from a year ago. One-quarter of college students currently own a tablet.

(Tablets sales. Business Quarterly Report. Yahoo Finance Web Services)

Chart with tablets sales figures. Units in millions.

Tablets sales figures from 2010 to 2012. Units in millions.

Interactive IQ board: PLN 3499; White board: PLN 607; iPad-2: PLN 1720;

Modern Teaching Co. provides your organization with the appropriate task-tailored language training, meeting all specified requirements. Our teachers proudly work for various military units Europe-wide. Negotiable rates start from €30ph at our premises or in your unit if requested.

(Modern Teaching – a newspaper ad.)

The Polish Armed Forces have already trained 30 teachers capable of providing language training as part of the Mobile Teaching Team (MTT). (MoD website)

To meet NATO requirements, all Polish units should achieve language interoperability on level 3333 till the end of 2013. (MoD Directive 2349-2012)

Various Opinions:

Wow! It’s great! I can work on the IQ board for hours! (Erica,10 – 4th grade student)

I hate being forced to use state-of-the-art technology when everything I need is to learn foreign language (Karol, 38 – CPT, POL-A)

The civilians trying to teach military topics suck! They have no idea what they are talking about. (Hans, 23 – SGT, DEU-AF)