Writing test on level 3

Writing in the military. English test on writing skills on level 3STANAG 6001 test – released by CEBFL in Poland. Since I receive e-mails with repeated inquiry I’d like to remind you that all tests already published on my website are organized according to the exam level and the skills tested. Just click the tab “Tests-testy” above to see all the resources already published.

Writing test – SLP 3333


Task One

Part A

Your unit CO received a request from foreign representatives asking about the possibility to  observe a military exercise to be held at your training area by your unit. The visit has been approved and the CO has tasked you with writing an appropriate letter of reply using the notes below. Write between 100 and 120 words.


  • exercise – date, purpose – describe!!!
  • Observers – how many/who?
  • Clearance necessary – two weeks before!
  • After exercise – follow-up event in Warsaw – you stay?
  • Visit – how long then?
Part B

After receiving the letter of reply from the observers, your CO has tasked you with taking care of them. Write a memo to your CO (1) suggesting which parts of the exercise would be the most interesting for the observers and (2) what steps have been taken to ensure the observers’ safety. Write between 60 and 80 words.

Task Two

A Nato military agency is preparing a report on discipline problems in member countries’ Armed Forces. You are to write a report  on the situation in the Polish Armed Forces (PAF) (1) outlining the reasons for the problems, (2) indicating their consequences and (3) suggesting solutions for the future. Write between 200-250 words. The pictorials below are given to help you but do not have to be used.

Military Police to run more drug-tests

How to stop offences in the Army – prevention or punishment?

The army seeks psychologists

Another training event in psychology for COs

(Polish military press)

Soldiers opinions:

  • “Addictions! There are too many accidents because of them.”
  • “It’s a shame to see drunk soldiers. They destroy our image. How can society trust us?”
  • “Not everything can be done when soldiers are either on sick leave or AWOL. Not to mention the quality of work.”




Contact with drugs


22 %

Number of alcohol–related offences



Absence without leave



Professional soldiers

Contact with




Number of alcohol–related offences



Absence without leave



Conscripts – problems:
– Criminal record
– Influence of subcultures
– Level of education

(from a military psychologist’s presentation on discipline problems in the PAF)