Writing task – example answers on military health system and elections

Below you will find example answers to the writing tasks included in the exam set: L3/W/009.

Use these papers (a report, a memorandum and a letter) as a reference for your own writing. The examples provided are raw students’ papers with all grammar and lexical errors corrected.


Dear Mr. Mayor,

I would like to thank you and the whole council for the trust and confidence. I am glad to inform you that we will help protect the polling stations. To prepare ourselves better for this task, please let us know the exact date and time of the elections. Moreover, we need to know the exact number of the polling stations in order to tailor up our resources to your needs. We will be also able to detach more soldiers to additional patrols on the election day. Do you have any expectations regarding the location and the frequency of the patrols?

Please, also be advised that along with the local police we may use the crowd control equipment and procedures. To enhance the cooperation and coordination, please assign a liaison officer to our headquarters.

Yours faithfully,





DATE: 23rd November, 2014

SUBJECT: Upcoming local elections

  • At the meeting with the US Army unit located next to us, it was concluded that the number of polling stations exceeds our capability to provide secure environment during elections. The host nation authorities were advised to decrease the number of polling stations.
  • The Americans offered that they would provide security to the stations in the city and the Polish troops will help to protect the election commissions in the countryside.
  • We agreed that during the voting day, a joint operation centre will be established to synchronize our actions.



Report on the military health service in Poland

BACKGROUND: More than 1/3 of the medical positions in the Polish Armed Forces are vacant. The worst situation is in the Navy, where the number of vacant positions is almost equal to the number of occupied positions. On the other hand, the number of soldiers with the need of post-mission trauma therapy raised four times between 2004 and 2010. Additionally, due to sending military field hospital crews to Afghanistan, the number of available medical personnel in Poland decreased even more.

ANALYSIS: There are many factors influencing the current situation. One of the most serious ones was the closure of the Military Medical University. Apart from the number of vacancies there are other problems, like the lack of medical equipment, insufficient financing and trainings. Moreover, according to the Chief of Military Health Inspectorate, the medical staff is underpaid. It looks as if there was a lack of consistent policy regarding the military health services. On the one hand, a new military training centre for paramedics has opened, but on the other hand, there are opinions that we keep too many military hospitals.

PROPOSED SOLUTIONS: To stop the military health system from deteriorating, restoration of the Military Medicine University is a must. In the short run, acquisition of the personnel from the civilian health services should be considered as a temporary solution. Troops withdrawal from the mission in Afghanistan would also make up for the vacancies and shortage of equipment in the military health system in Poland.