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Military Visual Dictionary

Visual dictionary for the military

I’m moving my house, so I’ve been quite busy recently (and happy 🙂 ). The move to another location, among other things, requires a lot of packing of your belongings. That’s how I found an old box with my handouts from various language courses. One particular set of sheets drew my attention. It was a pile of visual materials I was once given to practice military, specialised vocabulary. Today I would like to share those resources. Since the pictures I have do not contain any labels, captions, etc., I cannot, unfortunately, give the credit to the authors of the pictures. If you recognize your work here, let me know – I’ll publish the proper recognition on the website.


Click on big titles or tumbnails to open an image in a separate window. To help you search for a proper English term, all featured vocabulary is mentioned below each title. Continue reading “Military Visual Dictionary” »