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Meeting in progress

Meetings – an essential part of the modern army

Like it or not, you will have to deal with it. Contemporary military personnel spend much time on meetings, either preparing them, either participating or reporting. You can call them sometimes briefings (sounds more military-like), but they are similar in nature to business or political level meetings. They have a lot in common so you cannot get away with not knowing its basic elements and related vocabulary. You’d better acquire some useful phrases, then you will be able to handle any meetings. For your convenience, the full lexical summary (a cheatsheet in an alphabetical order) is provided at the end of the article.  Continue reading “Meeting in progress” »

Car-related vocabulary – follow on

Military English exercise. A crossword on vocabulary related to cars.Vehicle-related vocabulary – a crossword

If you did the previous exercises (link here), you will be able to do this refreshing exercise – the crossword with all entries taken from the previous lesson. Hidden answer will tell what will be the subject of the next exercises to prepare you for better handling of speaking tasks on level 2-3-4.


2 14
4 6 9 11 15
1 7 8
10 16 17 19
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Entry definitions:

  1. Feature important for the family cars
  2. Old model, but with new elements, upgraded
  3. Uses satellites to position in space
  4. This type of vehicle can roll easily
  5. Prevent heavy injuries in case of crash
  6. Rotate around a given axis
  7. That type of vehicle can move on land and water as well
  8. Not wheeled vehicle, but with wheels
  9. Individually prepared according to customer’s wishes
  10. How far your car can go
  11. Not self-propelled and not pushed but still moving
  12. How fast you can gain speed
  13. Prevents backbone injuries when accidents happen and increases comfort of driving
  14. The more spacious the car is it is bigger
  15. All terain, cross-country
  16. You pour gas there when refuelling
  17. Military vehicle with great ambush protection and resistance to mines explosions
  18. How long an item can resist damage or remain unchanged
  19. Anti-lock braking system

Reading comprehension level 4 STANAG 6001 test SLP 4444

Reading test logo from STANAG6001 military English web serviceReading test – level 4


Task One

Read each of the texts below and then complete the sentence, which comes under the text, using no more than five words to show that you have understood the text.

An example has been provided for you.

0.     Chee Soon Juan, leader of the Singapore Democratic party, pleaded not guilty to the charge of speaking in public without a permit, over a speech made in February. The case highlights the state restrictions on free speech.

In Singapore one has to ____have a permit/have permission ___ to speak in public

1.      The attempt by Beyoncé and Jay-Z to register their infant daughter’s name as a trade mark in the US appears to be continuing in spite of the fact that a wedding planner, who has been running a business with the same name since 2009, has been given the go ahead by the US Patent and Trademark Office to carry on using the name Blue Ivy for events.

Blue Ivy is both a pop _______________________________ name. Continue reading “Reading comprehension level 4 STANAG 6001 test SLP 4444” »

Level 4 test – listening part

listening resources for STANAG 6001 testsIt’s another STANAG 6001 test derived from the Central Examination Board for  Foreign Languages of the Ministry of National Defense (CEBFL) in Poland. Again, it was adjusted a little to make it easier for the site visitors to practise on-line.

Listening test – SLP 4444


Task One

You are going to listen to six news items. Listen and choose the best answer A, B, C or D. You can hear the items once only. I repeat, once only. Take a break of 30 seconds before each news item to read through the questions to that item.

1. Recently, the Congolese President …

Play/download task 1_1 here.

A.     has invited foreigners to join the Congolese Army
B.     has promised to tighten cooperation with Rwanda
C.     has authorized the use of force against the rebels
D.     has criticized the proxy war between Hutus and Tutsis

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Listening tasks – level 4 exam


Listening tasks


Today, I present the first material for listening test on level 4 according to STANAG 6001. This is a full examination set, checking your listening skills. The test was designed by the Central Examination Board for  Foreign Languages of the Ministry of National Defense (CEBFL), Poland. All recordings are taken from their test and were modified to make the whole test easier to practice for the Internet users. All tasks were organized in such a way to let you do each task seperately. Original listening exam is played continuously with no breaks, however, the pauses are included in the recording. The same concerns repetitions whenever the task foresees listening to the recording twice. Here, you will have to play the given part twice instead. Original instructions were adjusted to fit an on-line character of the test. I considered recorded verbal instructions as pointless here, therefore they were removed from the recordings. Enjoy the test and do not hesitate to comment on it, like it, recommend it or to ask for additional resources via e-mail.

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Language training – military report

Military report – SLP level 4444

Below you will find an example of a report on one of the previously presented topics. It deals with a fictional need of language training in one of the Polish military unit. The original task for this answer is here.

To: Unit Commander

From: xxx

Subject: Language training preparation

1. Introduction

This report is to propose a constructive way forward regarding how to equip a classroom with necessary teaching aids and find teachers to support language training within the unit.

Our unit has to adhere to the MoD Directive 2349-2012 and reach the assumed interoperability in terms of language skills by the end of 2013. This will require providing additional language classes for 80 soldiers next year.

2. Classroom equipment

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