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Legalization of marijuana in Poland

Marijuana Legalization

Position Paper – writing task – level 4


As a member of Social Movement for Citizens’ Rights you were tasked to write a position paper on marijuana in Poland. The paper will be used to shape public opinion and influence the Polish legislative initiatives. In your writing (1)describe current legal status of marihuana in Poland (2) compare Polish reality to other countries’ solutions (3) discuss possible legal and social consequences of legalization and prohibition (4) express and justify your view. Write between 500 and 600 words. You have 70 minutes for this task. Below are some prompts that may help you.

The lack of a solid popular consensus for the ban of alcohol resulted in the growth of vast criminal organizations, including the modern American Mafia, and various other criminal cliques

(American Culture, R.Straightwood, 2003).

Marijuana facts:
Marijuana is chemically not addictive, but can be psychologically addicting.(Addiction studies, Biochemical Research Lab, Princeton)


Marijuana intoxication can cause distorted perceptions, impaired coordination, difficulty with thinking and problem solving, and problems with learning and memory. Research has shown that, in chronic users, marijuana’s adverse impact on learning and memory can last for days or weeks after the acute effects of the drug wear off. (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

Taking LSD was one of the two or three most important things I ever did in my life” (Steve Jobs)

Annual Causes of Death, By Cause in U.S.A.

Cause of death (Data from 2009 unless otherwise noted)


Diseases of Heart


Malignant Neoplasms


Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases




Drug Abuse


Intentional Self-Harm (Suicide)


Motor Vehicle Accidents


Firearm Injuries




Illicit Drugs (Medicines) (2000)




Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)


Cannabis (Marijuana)



Various Opinions:
It’s nothing bad. I smoke it from time to time to chill out after work. (Simon,48, bank manager)
Intoxicated soldiers can jeopardize our missions. You cannot rely on a junkie. (Max, 28 – Lt, USMC)
Since we cannot use alcohol in a reasonable way, will we be able to control a dose of marijuana? (Katarzyna, 41, housewife)



A court may refrain from prosecuting a detainee if the amount of drugs was not significant, for personal use only, and the detainee agrees to disclose his/her drug dealer. (Act on Drug Holders, 2012)

Street survey on marijuana legalization. Chart with the results in percentage terms.

Military report, level 4 – example

Military report – examplemilitary report according to STANAG 6001

I have already published many tests, ranging from level 1 to level 4 according to STANAG 6001. Today it is a time to give you some prompts about possible answers. Below, you will find a full military report, which was written as the answer to the task published before at http://www.stanag6001.com/slp-4444-writing-test-2/.


TO: International Military Research Group


 SUBJECT: How the lessons learned from the Polish Mission in Iraq changed the Polish Armed Forces.


1. Engagement of the Polish Armed Forces (PAF) in the operation.

Poland joined the US-led multinational coalition in May 2004 and deployed 2500 soldiers in Iraq. The Polish troops, supported by several nations, formed a Multinational Division and held responsibility for the so-called Central-South Zone in Iraq. Continue reading “Military report, level 4 – example” »

Writing – level 4 task

Writing task – level 4


Your unit is going to organize its own language classroom to intensify language training of the unit and you have been tasked with writing a report on the matter. In your writing (1)propose basic equipment the classroom should contain to provide proper language training (2) propose trainers to be responsible for the whole language course (3) discuss organizational issues (4) speculate how long the course should last (5) analyze the possibility of outsourcing option (6) make recommendations on the course programme. Justify your opinions. Write between 500 and 600 words. You have 70 minutes for this task. Below are some prompts that may help you.

Why tablets are lousy learning devices and how they could be better?

(Modern Technology Blog)

Tablet ownership among college students has correspondingly skyrocketed and a Pearson Foundation survey found that it has tripled from a year ago. One-quarter of college students currently own a tablet.

(Tablets sales. Business Quarterly Report. Yahoo Finance Web Services)

Chart with tablets sales figures. Units in millions.

Tablets sales figures from 2010 to 2012. Units in millions.

Interactive IQ board: PLN 3499; White board: PLN 607; iPad-2: PLN 1720;

Modern Teaching Co. provides your organization with the appropriate task-tailored language training, meeting all specified requirements. Our teachers proudly work for various military units Europe-wide. Negotiable rates start from €30ph at our premises or in your unit if requested.

(Modern Teaching – a newspaper ad.)

The Polish Armed Forces have already trained 30 teachers capable of providing language training as part of the Mobile Teaching Team (MTT). (MoD website)

To meet NATO requirements, all Polish units should achieve language interoperability on level 3333 till the end of 2013. (MoD Directive 2349-2012)

Various Opinions:

Wow! It’s great! I can work on the IQ board for hours! (Erica,10 – 4th grade student)

I hate being forced to use state-of-the-art technology when everything I need is to learn foreign language (Karol, 38 – CPT, POL-A)

The civilians trying to teach military topics suck! They have no idea what they are talking about. (Hans, 23 – SGT, DEU-AF)

Level 4 exam – marking considerations

STANAG exam requirements

As far as the exam requirements are concerned there is nothing surprising about the fact that your four basic linguistic skills will be tested. There is a fixed sequence of the skills tests. Reading goes as the first one, then listening follows, then writing and eventually speaking. In each part the examinee should show his/her proficiency in English, but how we are marked for our performance depends on the assessment criteria and the assessors’ evaluation. Fortunately, the assessment criteria are not a mistery any longer.

STANAG 6001 – marking system

The assessment criteria introduced to Polish examination boards are very simple and clear. For each part of the exam you can receive 20 points in total. Many people are familiar with that number of points to get, however, not many know that the total number of points you are awarded consists of four components (applicable to so called productive skills only). For each skill there are different components which are subject to evaluation during the exam.

For writing it will be :

1) grammatical range and accuracy – max. 6 points;
2) lexical range and accuracy – max. 6 points;
3) task achievements – max. 6 points;
4) organisation – max. 2 points.

For speaking it will be:

1) grammatical range and accuracy – max. 6 points;
2) vocabulary range and accuracy – max. 6 points;
3) presentation skills – max. 5 points;
4) interactive ability – max. 3 points.

If you fail any of the productive components, you cannot pass the whole skill part of the exam. E.g. you can get 6 points for writing accuracy, 6 points for lexical range, but you failed in task achievement and you got two points for organisation. The total number of points is 14, theoretically it still  is the pass mark, but since you didn’t achieve the overarching goal of your task, you are not given the credit for your writing. To make things worse, to pass the components you are required to fit your performance into so called ‘top band‘ or ‘pass band‘. It means that in case of grammatical range and accuracy you have to obtain at least 4 points out of 6 available in the rating scale.

 Writing – rating scale:

Grammatical range and accuracy Lexical range and accuracy Task achievement Organisation
Top band

wide range of structures, including the use of complex structures;
complete accuracy achieved

6 points

wide range of lexical resources, including complex lexis;
complete accuracy and appropriacy

6 points

all seven elements fulfilled in a satisfactory manner;
full use of supporting evidence and convincing arguments

6 points

as in the pass band

2 points

Pass band

wide range of structures, including the use of complex structures;
a few problems with complex structures;
all other structures accurate

4 points

wide range of lexical resources, including complex lexis;
minor slips in complex lexis;
all other lexis accurate and appropriate

4 points

six elements fulfilled in a satisfactory manner;
adequate use of supporting evidence and convincing arguments

4 points

paragraphs/sections well-defined and concise;
text easy to follow

2 points

Fail band wide range of structures used, including the use of complex structures; noticeable problems with complex structures; all other structures accurate

2 points

lexical accuracy generally high; complex lexis either not attempted or, if attempted, showing noticeable inaccuracies and inappropriacies

2 points

no more than five elements fulfilled in a satisfactory manner; weak or irrelevant supporting evidence and unconvincing arguments used

2 points

paragraphs/sections present but either poorly defined or not concise; text difficult to follow at times

0 points

Bad fail band wide range of simple to middle level structures; no attempt at complex structures, or if attempted, mostly inaccurate

0 points

inaccuracies and inappropiacies even in middle-level lexis

0 points

several elements not attempted or done in an unsatisfactory manner; unsatisfactory use of supporting evidence; unconvincing arguments

0 points

as in the fail band

0 points

 Speaking – rating scale:

Grammatical range and accuracy
To be assessed throughout the whole exam
Vocabulary range and accuracy
To be assessed throughout the whole exam
Presentation skills
To be assessed in the second task only
Interactive ability
To be assessed in the third task only
Top band

all structures including complex structures fully accurate

6 points

wide range of vocabulary and complex lexis used accurately; no searching for words;
no avoidance strategy applied

6 points

presentation logical and clear;
very good organisation:
– clearly marked sections
– smooth transitions
– perfect time management;a native-like fluency with
natural hesitations

5 points

awareness of the partner’s arguments and fully communicative / co-operative response to them;
turn taking maintained and noticeable attempts to involve the partner in discussion (the interlocutor’s involvement is not necessary)

3 points

Pass band

all structures including complex structures used but minor slips or few mistakes may occur;
if mistakes appear
self-correction technique is applied

4 points

wide range of vocabulary though occasional groping
for words may be present;
gaps readily overcome with circumlocution;
minor slips repaired

4 points

presentation logical and clear;
good organisation:
– clearly-marked sections
– transitions not always
– minor defects in time

good fluency, hesitations to order ideas but not in search for lexis.

4 points

awareness and understanding of the partner’s arguments
though asking for clarification may appear;
turn taking mostly maintained though the interlocutor’s assistance may once be given in case one candidate dominates

2 points

Fail band no complex structures
attempted or attempted
mistakes in simple
structures may occur without selfcorrection

2 points

range of vocabulary
not adequate to cope with the topic;
groping for words
avoidance strategy
often used leading
to simplification of

2 points

occasional lack of logic and clarity;
organisation disturbed:
– not clearly marked
– rough transitions
– impaired time
management (e.g. parts
over-stretched or missing);fluency not maintained at times due to groping for

2 points

awareness and understanding of the partner’s arguments are limited;
unwillingness to ask for clarification is apparent;
turn taking mostly maintained though the interlocutor’s assistance is occasionally necessary if one candidate is constantly dominant or the other unwilling to speak

1 point

Bad fail band noticeable mistakes and/or noticeable simplification of the language used

0 points

noticeable misuse
of vocabulary

0 points

lack of logic and clarity;
bad organisation:
– no divisions into sections
– no transitions
– poor time management
(e.g. presentation not
finished);fluency not maintained
because of frequent groping for words.

0 points

ignoring or misunderstanding
the partner’s arguments or/and lack of appropriate response;
turn taking noticeably
no attempts to involve the partner in discussion (the
interlocutor’s assistance
frequently needed

0 points

Both tables – courtesy of Central Examination Board of the Polish MoD, “Model egzaminu z języka angielskiego”, Łódź, 2007

Egzamin z angielskiego – poziom 4

Egzamin z angielskiego – poziom 4

Witam serdecznie entuzjastów języka angielskiego i od razu przekazuję ważną nowinę. W Łodzi, 18.12.2012r. odbędzie się egzamin eksternistyczny z języka angielskiego na poziomie SLP 4444 (SPJ 4444). To już niewiele czasu zostało aby oficjalnie zostać zgłoszonym do tego egzaminu, więc pamiętajcie aby Wasz pracodawca (organ kadrowy lub szkoleniowy) wysłał wyżej odpowiednie zgłoszenie drogą służbową. Zbiorcze zgłoszenia z rodzajów wojsk spływają wtedy do Łodzi do CKEJO MON. Zgłoszenia takie mogą wysłać jedynie upoważnione do tego podmioty, czyli:

  •  Wydział Kształcenia Językowego DWLąd dla Wojsk Lądowych, tel. 878 150;
  • Szefostwo Szkolenia Morskiego dla Marynarki Wojennej –  tel. 263 229;
  • Oddział Personalny Dowództwa Sił Powietrznych dla Sił Powietrznych – tel. 825 482;
  • Oddział Personalny dla IWSZ – tel. 416 449;
  • Oddział Szkolenia dla DWS – tel. 132 372.

Kandydaci, którzy zostali zakwalifikowani na egzamin dostaną informację zwrotną do organu zgłaszającego lub bezpośrednio do jednostki żołnierza (WLąd).

Egzamin z angielskiego – testy

Ponieważ jestem zaangażowany w ten egzamin, na stronie umieszczę do tego czasu materiały pomocnicze – testy, dodatkowe materiały, ćwiczenia. Czasu jest niewiele więc zachęcam do szybkiego studiowania. Odradzam podchodzenie do egzaminu z marszu. Jak każdy egzamin, ma on swój specyficzny układ, z którym trzeba się po prostu obyć.

Egzamin wojskowy z angielskiego – przygotowanie do egzaminu

Nie znamy i nie promujemy  jedynie słusznego sposobu przygotowania do egzaminu. Dysponujemy jednak dużym  doświadczeniem metodycznym i wiedzą z zakresu wojskowego słownictwa specjalistycznego. Jako nauczyciele angielskiego z wojskowym doświadczeniem zawodowym chętnie pomożemy w przygotowaniu do egzaminów resortowych.

Wojskowy angielski – lekcje przez Skype

Prowadzimy lekcje przez Skype w dogodnych godzinach i zawsze w formie dopasowanej do indywidualnych potrzeb i wymagań studenta. Ze względu na popularność takich zajęć, prosimy o wcześniejszą rezerwację terminu. Program przygotowujący do egzaminu resortowego, niezależnie od ilości lekcji, składa się w ok. 80% z zajęć z języka ogólnego i ok. 20% z zagadnień specjalistycznych (format egzaminu resortowego, słownictwo i zagadnienia wojskowe). Dane kontaktowe znajdą Państwo na stronie firmowej szkoły języka angielskiego w Warszawie.

Speaking task – level 4 exam

Below, you will find another speaking task from the English exam, organized in Poland according to STANAG 6001 principles. Courtesy of the Central Examination Board of MoD.

Speaking – level 4 (SLP 4444)



You are an officer at the MoD Logistics Department tasked with the purchase of a new truck for all types of terrain. There are 3 models of trucks to choose from. Your budget is limited. Make a short formal presentation at a meeting. (1) Briefly describe the trucks’ most important features essential for your decision. (2) Present general pros and cons of each offer. (3) Choose the best one and justify your choice. (4) Speculate about the long-term effects of the purchase. Below are some visuals and ideas that may help you. Elements 1 to 4 must be included.  

Each feature in the chart and in the graphs has been graded from 1 to 5 where:

1. is the best
5. is the worst

truck model capacity range fuel consumption usefulness in rough terrain maximum road speed
A 1 2 3 5 1
B 4 1 2 3 3
C 2 4 4 1 3

trucks characteristics in two charts.

Other issues to consider:

• offset
• technology transfer
• form of payment
• servicing and spare parts
• maintenance cost