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Different teaching standards

Today, some more thoughts about different approaches to military language courses and exams.

Since STANAG6001 does not enforce any criteria, nor standards in teaching, the military in each country have developed their own way of reaching the given language proficiency. All countries have developed centralized language education centres which provide the military students with full-time courses in a given facility. Some others offer on-line courses and mobile teaching teams as well.

In Poland, teaching foreign languages was strictly regulated by Minister’s of National Defence Decision #501/MON, dated 29th of December, 2010. According to this document only several military-owned language centres can organize language courses and exams. In particular situations, where education in the centres is not possible (e.g. too many or too few candidates), military units can Continue reading “Different teaching standards” »

NATO training centres

Education in NATO

Recently I have searched for some specific information on the NATO approach to education of the military personnel. NATO-founded and NATO-sponsored centres of education are nothing new in the history of the Alliance but the recent boom in the training facilities deserves special emphasis. With the multiple Centres of Excellence (COE), these already being operational and those in development, NATO sets up a new standard for international education of the military-related personnel. NATO decided to depart from the concept of NATO-founded and NATO-sponsored facilities and adopted the idea of nationally founded but NATO-accredited centres. Since it is a relatively new idea of the allies it is hard to find any summary or the assessment of the performance of the COEs.

In my search for a summary of educational effort within NATO I was unsuccessful to find any statistics in function of time which would gather all educational (and transformational) NATO effort in one simple chart, report, table, etc. That kind of summary was exactly what I needed for the paper I was working on. So I surfed through different official websites and gathered all information I needed in one table you can see below. Continue reading “NATO training centres” »