Speaking task – level 4 exam

Speaking skills exam – level 4



Recently, instances of violent behaviour in the school where you work prompted a discussion about safety in the school. Give a presentation for the school authorities. (1) Tell about how the situation has been changing over the years, explaining things in more detail if necessary, (2) speculate about the causes of violent behaviour of students, (3) recommend solutions and (4) justify them, bearing in mind available resources. Below are some visuals and ideas that may help you. Elements 1 to 4 must be included.

School Report – Instances of  Criminal Behaviour
2000 – 2004 2005 – 2007
Rape 0 0
Sexual Assault 0 4
Robbery 10 27
Fights 45 50
Drugs 17 71


  • problems at home
    • alcohol
    • unemployment
    • family violence

Extra guards 55.000 PLN
ID cards 10.000 PLN
Monitoring centre 200.000 PLN
Frequent security checks
Communication with parents

A chart illustrating number of students feeling insecure at schools

Percentage of Students Feeling Insecure at Schools