Speaking task – level 4 exam

Below, you will find another speaking task from the English exam, organized in Poland according to STANAG 6001 principles. Courtesy of the Central Examination Board of MoD.

Speaking – level 4 (SLP 4444)



You are an officer at the MoD Logistics Department tasked with the purchase of a new truck for all types of terrain. There are 3 models of trucks to choose from. Your budget is limited. Make a short formal presentation at a meeting. (1) Briefly describe the trucks’ most important features essential for your decision. (2) Present general pros and cons of each offer. (3) Choose the best one and justify your choice. (4) Speculate about the long-term effects of the purchase. Below are some visuals and ideas that may help you. Elements 1 to 4 must be included.  

Each feature in the chart and in the graphs has been graded from 1 to 5 where:

1. is the best
5. is the worst

truck model capacity range fuel consumption usefulness in rough terrain maximum road speed
A 1 2 3 5 1
B 4 1 2 3 3
C 2 4 4 1 3

trucks characteristics in two charts.

Other issues to consider:

• offset
• technology transfer
• form of payment
• servicing and spare parts
• maintenance cost