Speaking on level 2

Level 2 speaking task

Another exam set from the oral part of the level 2 English exam. It consists of examinee’s sheet with a task and a corresponding examiner’s sheet which contains some data you will be required to ask about. This time the examination set is followed by my guidaince and set ot tips how to approach this kind of task. Use my hints to improve your performance and gain more points during exam. Good luck!



You are at a travel agency in London.
You have read their advertisement for a last-minute holiday in Egypt.
You are interested in it but you need more information.
The examiner is a travel agent.

Ask about:

– date
– accommodation
– price – what in it?
– discounts for children
– meals – how many?
– place and time of departure
– insurance – extra pay?
Decide on one hotel and book the holiday for your family.

The examiner speaks first: “Good morning. What can I do for you?”



Talk to the candidate about a last-minute holiday in Egypt offered by your agency.

– holiday – July 8 – 14
– accommodation – two possibilities the Sunny Beach***, the Sphinx****
– price per person – £ 400 the Sunny Beach
£ 500 the Sphinx
– price includes accommodation, food, flight
– only children under 12 half price
– two meals
– departure – London Heathrow 9 a.m., June 23
– insurance included in the price
Ask about the decision and suggest booking.

You speak first: “Good morning. What can I do for you?”

You can expect some of these additional questions to appear during the conversation:

1. What country would you like to visit? Why?
2. Have you ever had any problems while travelling ?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking organised holidays?
4. What problems do you think we can face if we spend holidays abroad?

How to approach role-playing tasks

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Speaking Strategy Military English Exam
Speaking Strategy Military English Exam
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