SLP 4444 – writing test

Level 4 exam – must-know facts

Level 4 exams require a high degree of accuracy and appropriacy and good organisation within paragraphs. On this level you should be extremely well-organized and precise. You will be dealing with time-constraints as well because you will have only 70 minutes to produce a text of about 500-600 words. It’s not much so if you cannot write a clear, tidy copy from the beginning, forget about the exam – there won’t be enough time to rewrite it, unless you’re a Guiness’ World Champion in handwriting. Unlike at the lower level exams, at level 4 exam you are not allowed to use the information provided in its original form. You will have some prompts to help you, but remember not to copy them literally. The examination board will subtract some of your points if you cannot transform, paraphrase or modify original information.

Below you will find level 4 examination paper, I was lucky to receive during my exam. Needless to say – I passed! 🙂 I wish you the same! There is only one task in level 4 writing test.

Writing test – level 4 (SLP 4444)


 As there has been a serious case of bullying in one of the military units and the problem of violence in the military hit the headlines you have been tasked with writing a general report about hazing. In your writing (1) describe the incident and its background  (2) speculate how it could have been avoided, (3) explain the reasons for military hazing in general, (4) speculate about the consequences of hazing for the military (5) make proposals as what to do about the problem bearing in mind their advantages and disadvantages  (6) recommend the most viable solution and (7) outline how it might help to solve the problem.


– ‘So, what is hazing then?’
– ‘Well, hazing is a part of  military soldier tradition. It’s  an initiation ceremony, shouting at conscripts, cleaning toilets, push ups, that sort of thing. But you’re right, sometimes they go too far.’

Talk with the soldier off the record.

‘I am going mad or I am about to kill myself. HELP me get out of here.’ – Extract from the victim’s letter




secondary education



‘Officers? They don’t care or they turn a blind eye to it.’
– Anonymous soldier

Hazing and ceremonies create a strong bond between recruits.  And anyhow they have to be prepared for the harsh reality of combat. The army is not a place for the weak and ill.

 – Extract from a press article

‘The less efficient the army becomes, the more vulnerable our country is.’ a military expert

Chart with problems in the military and proper figures

Problems in the military


psychiatric examination ? expensive

commanders – training in psychology cheaper

punishment? (dishonourable discharge?)