SLP 3333 – writing test

Below you will find full writing test from level 3 English exam. It is a historical, actual examination paper, you could come across in Poland. It consists of two obligatory tasks. The instructions are as much simple as from lower level exams, however, you are given several additional data, not directly mentioned. The new thing you must do as an examinee, is to extract necessary (or just useful) information from assisting sketches, drawings, charts, headlines, graphics, etc.

Writing test – level 3


Task  One

Part A

Your unit is expecting a visit of several officers from England. Some arrangements have already been made. However, a few more things must be made clear. Write a letter to Maj Smith, the officer organizing the visit from the English side, giving him necessary information and asking about some details. Use the notes below. Write about 100 – 120 words.


  • they come August 22, Warsaw Airport
  • passports – copies arrived
  • security clearance

Things to do:

what time? transport – OK, as suggested

one invalid – a new one when???

needed, by 2 August – at the latest

Part B

You have received a letter from Maj Smith. Write a memo to your CO telling him what information you got and suggesting what else must be done to get ready for the visit. Write about 60 – 80 words.

Task Two

A NATO agency is preparing a report on soldiers’ fitness and attitude to sport in the Allied countries. You are to contribute to the report and write about the situation in Poland. Include assessment of the situation and state what might be done to improve it. The pictorials below are given to help you but do not have to be used. Write a report of 200-250 words.

Paying Soldiers for Being Fit! Why?

Two Die During the Annual Fitness Test.

Fewer soldiers on sick leave to avoid fitness test.

(Military magazines headlines)

Illustration to writing task. If you do not see the picture, please let me know about this problem.

A bit wimpish, I agree, but we have to make an allowance for age.

PAF Results of the Annual Fitness Test

A graph illustrating persentage of soldiers passing the annual PTE test.
A Sergeant:

In my unit it’s not a problem. We can train as much as we want.

An officer:

We don’t have money for proper equipment, let alone sport facilities… Besides, there is no time!



  • “Why should I run 3 kilometers? I simply do paper work… “
  • “My office is in a town center. There is no gym!”
  • “When I got injured in Iraq, a really strong chap dragged me out of that hell. But for his strength, I wouldn’t be here today.“
  • “Finally they did something about it! I train again and it’s good for me.“