SLP 2222 – oral exam format

Level 2 speaking tasks

Since on level 2 you should know English much better than on level 1, all the instructions and supporting materials are in English. The formula of the English oral exam on level 2 intends to test the examinee during an interaction with the examiner. That is why the whole exam consists of one conversation on a subject chosen at random.

Speaking topics – samples

When you enter the examination room you are asked to choose one out of several samples of speaking topics. You must tell the examination board the number of your sheet of paper to let them know what task you have. The whole exam set consists of your (examinee’s) sheet and corresponding examiner’s sheet with his/her role to play in that particular scenario. The example of the exam set is shown below:



You are at the tourist information office in Brighton, England.
You need some information.
The examiner is a clerk.

Ask about:

– cheap accommodation in Brighton
– price
– conditions   –   bathroom in the room?
–   meals?
– far?
– how to get there?
– no taxi – too expensive – bus?
– the bus stop where & where to get off

The examiner speaks first, “Hello! How can I help you?”



You work as a clerk at the tourist information office in Brighton, England.

The candidate needs some information about accommodation.

Suggest:          – a guest house in North Street
Inform:           – £30    per night for two people
– conditions – no private bathroom
– no restaurant in the guest house
– quite far / about 3 miles
– better to take the taxi
– bus No.40
– the bus stop just opposite the office / get off at the sixth stop from here

You speak first, “Hello! How can I help you?”

You can expect some of these additional questions to appear during the conversation:

1.    What do you prefer: a camp-site or a hotel? Why?
2.    Tell me about your last stay at a hotel/a guest house.
3.    What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a block of flats?
4.    Soldiers often have to change the place of living. How does it influence their lives?