SLP 2222 – English exam – writing

English exam – level 2


Writing part of the exam

Below you will find the example of level 2 English exam, made available by the The Polish Armed Forces School of Languages (PAFSL), located in Łódź.

There are two tasks in this test. You must do both tasks.

Write on the answer sheets supplied.

Task 1

Choose one of the following topics. You should write between 120 and 150 words.

1.      You have seen an advertisement for a military job abroad. You are interested in it but you need more information. Write a letter introducing yourself and asking about the job details: contract length, salary, working hours, accommodation, possibility to bring your family, etc.

2.      You are on a military mission abroad. Your unit was attacked while carrying out their duties. Write a letter to your friend about the incident. Describe in detail what happened, how you felt and what were the consequences of the incident.


Task 2

You must do this task. Write between 120 and 150 words.

Your unit is going to take part in a multinational exercise abroad. You have to write a report for your commander about the preparations for this event. Write what has already been done and what else is left to be prepared. Include the following information.

  • Soldiers                                        –           chosen – who, why
  • Language level                             –           exam taken; results good
  • Soldiers’ personal kits                  –           inspected – not good (write why)
  • Equipment                                               –           checked; transport next week
  • Shooting training                         –           OK
  • Communications  training           –           soldiers prepared / radios – problems
  • Map reading practice                   –           not yet / later

More information about the proper format of military reports you can find in a separate file on the Linguistic Atelier website.