Security meetings in Afghanistan – L3 writing test

The new examination set on level 3. As usual, the example answers will follow as soon as my students do this set. You can also download a pdf version of this test from below the article.

English examination set #L3/W/010

Level 3


Time: 90 minutes

Task One

Part A

You have received a letter asking to organize a conference about security for the military personnel. Write a reply 1) agreeing to the request, 2) asking for more information, 3) making suggestions and giving reasons for them. Use the notes below and write between 100 and 120 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions or input! Otherwise, you will be penalised.

How many attendees?
When / how long – 3 days?
Place – military unit, public place(decide)?

Things we CAN do:

  • presentation on Polish security system and current threats
  • equipment presentation
  • global security status – open sources summary
  • accommodation booking
  • shuttle buses for guests
  • canteen meals (must be ordered in advance)

Part B

After a workshop with the British sister-unit you have been tasked with writing a short memo about the arrangements. 1) Write briefly about the agreed exercises (including dates, the place and types of trainings) and 2) inform what remains to be done to ensure the superiors’ consents and approvals. Write between 60 and 80 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions! Otherwise, you will be penalised.

Task Two

While in Afghanistan you were responsible for organizing a weekly meetings of Resolute Support Mission advisors and local forces commanders. Afterwards you were asked to prepare a report on the security concerns of cooperation with the Afghan forces. Write a report: 1) describe a weekly security meeting mentioning its nature and requirements, 2) use it as an example to identify the threats while meeting Afghan high commands, 3) suggest what can be done to make similarly scheduled meetings more secure and effective. Write between 200-250 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions and input, otherwise you will be penalised.

Security meetings related topics. 4 situations with soldiers' comments.

Next meeting agenda:
  • 203 Corps ANA new barracks opening
  • Kabul School of Artillery – list of NCOs to train
  • Abdul Rashid case – insider threat
  • Life firing exercise in Fox Camp

A suicide attack increased a death tall in Helmand

RSM to blame for a recent leak of Afghan officers’ personal data

NATO to reduce number of advisors due to security concerns

Afghan government tells ‘NO’ to the current reporting demands. The USA calls for the withdrawal of advisors and contractors

(Newspapers headlines)

Meeting preparation:

  • scheduled in advance
  • OPSEC not preserved – too many involved
  • security screening in Afghan facilities not reliable / more metal detectors/ gate scanner?

Meeting topics:

  • incidents statistics and analysis
  • insider threat – new policy
  • no wish list to be discussed!

Proper facility:

  • ANA barracks too dangerous/ HQ would do
  • CF FOB – infiltration threat vs. tighten up security
  • the same place – the conspicuous pattern could be exploited by the enemy

For your convenience, you can download a pdf version of this test. I encourage you to print it and do the whole writing part at one attempt. Just practise hand writing because while taking an exam you will have to write anyway. Get used to it! If you want your writing to be checked and corrected, you can send me scanned papers. This favour costs 25PLN (equals 6 EUR) for the whole set.


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