Reading test – level 1 (examination paper)

Level 1 examination paper from military English exams

Below you will find the original examination paper from Polish military exams testing English proficiency on level 1, according to STANAG 6001.
You can test your current knowledge by doing this test and then cross-checking your answers with the answer key at the bottom of the page. In case of any doubt, do not hesitate to contact me or just take more English tests to practice before the exam.

Level 1 Reading comprehension


Zadanie 1

Przeczytaj teksty i wybierz prawidłową odpowiedz a), b) lub c). [Read the text and choose the correct answer a), b), or c).]

Tekst 1
The other day I was driving home after visiting my wife’s mother. The journey was very long and my wife and I were very tired. There were a lot of road works and it was difficult to drive. I stopped at traffic lights and waited for a green light. I looked in my mirror and saw there were no cars behind me. I thought this was strange, but then saw the bus sign. I was in a special lane for buses. I knew this was bad, but it was too late to change.

When the lights changed I started driving. After only fifty metres I was stopped by the police. The policeman asked me if I knew why he stopped me. I, of course, knew and told him it was a mistake. He asked to see my driving licence, which I gave to him. I then offered my ID card, but he did not want to see it. The policeman told me I would get points on my license and it would cost me 100zl. I told him that we were not from this city and we were lost because of the road works.

The policeman asked where we were going. My wife told him the street and he gave us directions to it. He then gave me back my documents and told me to always look at road signs. We drove away happily.

1. At first, the driver did not see the …
a) road works
b) red light
c) road sign
2. The driver offered …
a) some of his money
b) his driving licence
c) his identification card

Tekst 2
I want to tell you about a live rock concert I went to. I bought tickets to see Radiohead. The group is my wife’s favourite and I wanted to get her something special for our anniversary. As I was not a regular concert goer I was very excited. I did not know the music well but was happy to go with my wife. Over the next couple of months I listened a lot to their music and discovered I liked it a bit, well enough to go anyway.

When the big day came, we drove to Poznan where it was and had a great afternoon together. Finally we went to the concert. We were both very excited and listened happily to the warm-up band which was a very good German group. Then Radiohead came on stage. The first two songs were brilliant. In the middle of the third song, my mobile phone rang. I thought it was my boss, but it was my brother-in-law. He said my dog had eaten a rubber ball and could not breathe.

We left the concert and drove very quickly to my brother-in-law’s house where we got our dog and took him to a 24-hour veterinary hospital. Luckily the vet was able to take the ball out and the dog was fine. I thought it would be expensive but it was not and I was relieved. On the way home we listened to radio reports of the concert and people said how great it was. We were glad our dog was okay, but upset that we missed the concert. We finally got home again at 4 o’clock in the morning.
okay, but upset that we missed the concert. We finally got home again at 4 o’clock in the morning.

3. The writer bought tickets because  …
a)   he often goes to concerts
b)   it was a special occasion
c)   he was a fan of the group
4. The writer left the concert because …
a) his brother-in-law was ill
b) his dog had a problem
c) his boss called him
5. On his way home, the man was unhappy about …
a) his sick dog
b) the missed concert
c) the veterinary costs

Tekst 3
Today many people use the internet to keep in contact with their friends and family. I use it to keep up to date with all my friends around the world. You do not even need to be next to your computer to let your friends know what you are doing. Many people use their mobile phones to write emails. It means they can keep in regular contact, which is good. However this is often complicated as the buttons are very small and usually messages take a lot of time to write. It can also be strange, as people often send very uninteresting things.

Generally though, the internet is a great way of keeping in touch with friends and family. You can check for new messages at anytime. Some people switch on their computers first thing in the morning before work. On the other hand a lot of people keep in touch with others while at work, between meetings. However, I prefer to have a relaxing and fun end to the day. That is why I read my messages at home.

6.   The writer thinks people write …
a) too many things
b) boring things
c) complicated things
7. The writer checks his messages  …
a) after work
b) during work
c) before work

Zadanie 2

Przeczytaj historie na następnej stronie i zdecyduj, które stwierdzenia umieszczone poniżej najlepiej przedstawiają ich treść. Tylko 5 stwierdzeń jest prawdziwych. Wpisz w pole numer historii od 1. do 5. [Read the stories on the following page and decide which statements below illustrate the stories best. Only 5 statements are true. Put the story number in the right blank space.]

The shopkeeper helped the animal.   _________  A
The client wanted to buy some alcohol.   _________  B
The man died in a hiking accident. _________  C
The driver’s partner helped the dog.   _________  D
The man serves in the navy. _________  E
The dog ran into the shop.     _________  F
The shop assistant helped find a dangerous man. _________  G
There is a problem with one of the workers. _________  H
The man died of shock. _________  I
The man paid for the operation.  _________  J

Story 1

I was on holiday in Atlanta. It was scorching hot. I was driving when I saw a small black dog on the side of the road. I thought he’d been hit by a car and I was right. I decided to help him. I know injured dogs can be unpredictable, but I carried him to my car and took him to a vet. I didn’t know what the dog’s name was. However, the next day the vet called him ‘Blacky’ and said his leg was completely broken. I couldn’t pay for the operation or face putting him to sleep; he was so sweet. When I stroked
him he often pushed his head into my hands. Luckily my girlfriend covered all the costs and adopted him. Blacky got the care he needed and a loving permanent home.

Story 2

John visited a historic site in Texas with his friends. He asked one of them, Bob, to take his photo while hiking. As Bob took the photo, he screamed and fell to the ground. Then 2 days later Bob died in
hospital. The doctors said he’d had a heart attack. No one knew why. The answer came when his family
looked at the photos. In the last photo there was a woman in a white dress standing next to John – it was a ghost! However, John and friends said there was no one there when the photo was taken. Only
Bob saw the ghost at the time. He was so shocked that his heart stopped beating.

Story 3

A man walked into a shop with a gun and demanded all of the cash. After the shopkeeper put the cash in
a bag, the robber saw a bottle of whisky on the shelf. He told the shopkeeper to put it in the bag, but
she said, ‘You must be over 18 to buy alcohol’. The robber said that he was, but the woman refused to
believe him. So the robber took out his driving licence and gave it to her. She examined it and saw that the man was really over 18 and she put the whisky in the bag. The robber then ran from the shop. The shopkeeper immediately notified the police and gave the name and address of the man that she had seen on his licence. Police arrested the robber 3 hours later.

Story 4

Michael Brown was 50 and started a second career. However, he couldn’t get to work on time. Every day he was 10 or 15 minutes late. He was a diligent worker, so his boss didn’t know how to deal with this problem.Finally, one day he called Michael into the office for a talk and said: ‘Michael, I have to tell you, you do a top class job, but you’re always coming late and it is quite a worry.’  Michael replied: ‘Yes, I know that, sir, and I am working on it’. The boss was happy to hear that and asked: ‘You’re a team leader. You shouldn’t come late. I know you worked in the navy. What did other workers say when you came late there?’ ‘They said nothing as I was their boss’ answered Michael.

Story 5

One day my dog Barky and I were walking to the local shop. Suddenly a big black dog appeared and wanted to attack Barky. I looked for the owner but there was no one around. Barky panicked and started running away towards the busy road and almost got killed. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to get Barky off the road. Fortunately, a butcher came out of his shop and ran out onto the road. He hit the black dog so hard it went off into the distance. I thanked the man for his courage. Barky returned back to normal after a few weeks. He is alive thanks to that brave butcher.

Zadanie 3

Przeczytaj poniższe teksty i zdecyduj, czy zdania od 1. do 8. są prawdziwe (T) czy fałszywe (F). [Read the sentences below and decide whether sentences from 1. to 8. are true (T) or False (F).]

Tekst 1
It was a sunny and windy day. “Perfect day for sailing,” Sarah and Mark said. Sailing is their new hobby. They spend each weekend on the water. This time they invited me to go sailing with them. I thought: “Why not? The lake looks calm, I’ll sit down and sunbathe for a while.” But I didn’t have a chance to do so.  As soon as I was on the boat, I wasn’t sure the weather was “perfect”. The wind was very strong. The boat was rocking wildly and I didn’t feel well. I thought it was dangerous and became very scared. I told my friends to bring me back to the shore. They left me there and continued sailing without me.

The place was nice and full of people. I didn’t want to go home yet so I spent some time watching others. I looked with interest at one couple. Everybody had special clothes, but this man and his girlfriend  were wearing jeans and sneakers. They were both a little fat. At first I thought they were amateurs. But then they went towards a small boat. They started preparing the boat for sailing. I watched them as they were working for about an hour. They clearly knew what they were doing. Finally the man put on his life jacket. He  started sailing while his girlfriend stayed on the shore.

I already knew that the wind was very strong so I was worried about the man in his small boat. I could easily see his red sail. All the other sails were white. After no more than 5 minutes on the water, he came back to the shore. In quarter of an hour, the couple packed their things into small boxes. Then they put the boxes into the boot of their car and left.

“People are strange,” I thought. “So much work for just five minutes of fun!” But then I saw a police boat coming towards the shore. Behind it, there was my friends’ boat without its sail. Their boat had turned over. They lost all their things in the water and were completely wet and very cold. I felt some respect for the man with the red sail. He knew sailing in bad weather could be really dangerous.

1. The writer relaxed and sunbathed on the boat.                T F
2. The writer changed her opinion about the two sailors.   T F
3. The couple packed their  things in 5 minutes.                   T F
4. The man with the red sail did the right thing.                  T F

Tekst 2
In December 2006 the first polar bear was born in Berlin zoo in over 30 years. He was named Knut and Germany soon fell in love with him. Knut’s mother didn’t want to look after her little son. So Berlin zookeepers soon became Knut’s “parents”. Knut became famous all over the world. He was even on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

But all good things come to an end. Knut is no longer a sweet little baby. Now he is an ordinary grown-up polar bear. He’s still beautiful and zoo visitors are crazy about him, but journalists have found another star. Now Germany has a new mascot, Emmi, a one-week-old rhinoceros in the northwestern town of Münster. The little rhino’s mother, Jade, put her baby into a corner and ignored it. Zookeepers knew that Jade had already killed two of her babies before. This time she just pushed her baby aside and gave it no milk. So they took little Emmi away after four minutes.

The zookeepers are going to be very busy looking after the little rhino. The baby already weighs 58 kilograms and drinks gallons of milk a day. “Emmi is resting under two heating lamps. We must be with her all the time. One night I sleep with Emmi, another night it’s somebody else’s turn. Physical contact is important for these animals. They must feel somebody is close to them. Without it, they fall ill,” says one of the zookeepers.

5. Knut was the first polar bear born in Berlin zoo.    T F
6. Knut still has his fans.       T F
7. Jade tried to kill Emmi.       T F
8. Someone must be with the rhino at night.     T F

Answer key:

Zadanie 1

1C   2C   3B   4B   5B   6B   7A

Zadanie 2

Story 1 D
Story 2 I
Story 3 G
Story 4 H
Story 5 A

Zadanie 3

1F   2T   3F   4T   5F   6T   7F   8T