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Task One

Read each of the texts below and then complete the sentence, which comes under the text, using no more than five words to show that you have understood the text.

An example has been provided for you.

0.     Chee Soon Juan, leader of the Singapore Democratic party, pleaded not guilty to the charge of speaking in public without a permit, over a speech made in February. The case highlights the state restrictions on free speech.

In Singapore one has to ____have a permit/have permission ___ to speak in public

1.      The attempt by Beyoncé and Jay-Z to register their infant daughter’s name as a trade mark in the US appears to be continuing in spite of the fact that a wedding planner, who has been running a business with the same name since 2009, has been given the go ahead by the US Patent and Trademark Office to carry on using the name Blue Ivy for events.

Blue Ivy is both a pop _______________________________ name.

2.      Although it generates some of the scariest headlines, perhaps deservedly, China is hardly the only global culprit in food safety. During just one week of inspections in Europe this summer, there were dozens of seized and blocked shipments, including Italian clams (E. Coli), Indian cuttlefish (cadmium), Ecuadorean tuna (cadmium again), Norwegian mackerel (parasites) and Turkish figs (aflatoxins).

The shipments _______________________________in food.

3.      Some newspapers might periodically report on groups of squatters who have (often very temporarily) moved into a plush mansion in one of London’s richer districts. The mundane reality, though, is that squatted buildings are more often than not council properties that have been neglected – less desirable places in less desirable areas. What ministers have overlooked in their research is that squatting is born out of necessity. It is about individuals or small localised collectives assuming the management and maintenance of assets within their neighbourhood.

In majority of the cases _______________________________.

4.      Litigation used to be the natural way of settling disputes, especially in advanced countries. Then clogged courts and ever-costlier lawsuits made arbitration look better, especially in cross-border commercial disputes. But it often proves no cheaper, fairer or even quicker. In America, from filing a complaint to an arbitration decision takes, on average, 16.7 months. So out-of court alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures, such as mediation, are now in vogue. The late Sir Michael Kerr, former president of the London Court of International Arbitration, was a leading convert. “In the same way as I have had my mind changed about litigation in favour of arbitration, my long devotion to arbitration is now being eroded,” he said.

Neither litigation nor _______________________________solution for disputes.

5.      A coalition clash over the home secretary’s “snooper’s charter” legislation has opened up at the highest level, with Nick Clegg bluntly telling Theresa May: “We cannot proceed with this bill and we have to go back to the drawing board.” But the home secretary hit back in a column for the Sun newspaper, making clear she was “determined” to push through “these vitally important laws”, raising the spectre of a political showdown between the two parties in coalition over the touchstone issue of civil liberties.

New legislation is _______________________________the two coalition parties.

6.     The weight of history is not on the side of female playwrights: the canon is overwhelmingly male. Even so, we were surprised to learn that one of our top 10, Chichester festival theatre, employed no female directors and produced no plays by women over the period we looked at. Artistic director Jonathan Church suggested this was an anomalous sample; he also pointed to the financial pressures on regional theatres and the need, when programming contemporary or 20th century work for a big auditorium, to put on “names” that have had West End success, such as Coward, Ayckbourn, Stoppard, Hare, Rattigan: all men.

The article tackles the problem of _______________________________at Chichester festival theatre.

7.     For producer Judy Craymer, the driving force behind Mamma Mia! and now Viva Forever!, getting Saunders on board is a huge coup. “I loved French and Saunders, I loved Absolutely Fabulous, I loved Jam & Jerusalem. When I heard through her agent that she might be interested I couldn’t believe it. “That was about three years ago, when the musical was little more than an aspiration. Craymer said she had a list of writers in her head and had been chatting to Maureen Vincent, who is also Saunders’ agent, about who could do it. “She said ‘have you thought of Jennifer Saunders?’ and I said ‘of course, but she wouldn’t do it’ and Maureen said ‘hang on, she might’. And she literally phoned back that afternoon.”

Judy Craymer is _______________________________the musical.

8.      Gray wolves were taken off the endangered species list last year, after seeing population figures rebound since the mid-1990s, following their reintroduction to the Rockies. At the end of 2011, there were at least 98 wolves in 10 packs – plus two loners – in Yellowstone, according to the park’s annual wolf project report.

The number of gray wolves has _______________________________included into endangered species anymore.


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Answer key:

Task one – possible answers:

Blue Ivy is both a pop star’s daughter’s and a company name.
The shipments were seized because of contaminations in food.
In majority of the cases squatters take over run-down buildings.
Neither litigation nor arbitration is a perfect solution for disputes.
New legislation is the bone of contention between the two coalition parties.
The article tackles the problem of gender discrimination at Chichester festival theatre.
Judy Craymer is enthusiastic about engaging Saunders in the musical.
The number of gray wolves has increased and they are not included into endangered species anymore.