Peacekeeping missions – level 3 writing tests

Another examination set on level 3 featuring peacekeeping missions as the central theme. It was already published in pdf format by the PAFSL in Łódź a long time ago. This file is also available below this test!

English examination set #L3/W/012

Level 3


Time: 90 minutes

Task One

Part A

On a peacekeeping mission you are responsible for contacts with the local authorities. They have made a request for securing the food and medicine convoy and the distribution place. You have received a letter from them with some information and questions. Write a reply to them  1) offering support, 2) specifying some details of your task and 3) asking for a quick reply. Use the notes below and write between 100 and 120 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions and input! Otherwise you will be penalised.

– March 2, 2011 – cargo plane landing
– Convoy – main road from the airport 
– Distribution place –  main square in the town
– Distribution time – 2 days possible?

Your notes:

– what time exactly?

– trucks – how many?

– not good – difficult to secure – further from centre

– sorry – one day – other tasks!!!

Part B

Your soldiers secured the convoy successfully. However, during the food distribution in the town, there was an unexpected incident with the locals. Write a memo to your CO 1) informing him what the incident involved and 2) suggesting the way to avoid similar situations in the future. Write between 60 and 80 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions! Otherwise you will be penalised.

Task Two

An international military agency is doing research on how the armed forces’ participation in international military missions is perceived in individual NATO countries. You have been tasked with writing a report about the situation in Poland. 1) Describe the Polish Armed Forces’ participation in missions. 2) Present the civilian and military attitude to the missions. 3) Write what changes in the armed forces soldiers perceive as necessary to make the mission participation more effective. Write between 200 – 250 words. The information below is given to help you but does not have to be used. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions and input! Otherwise you will be penalised.

– Missions cost a fortune. Can we really afford them now, during the crisis? We have so many other problems. Look at our Health Service or unemployment – that’s where most money should go!
– We should not send our soldiers on missions. Think of the risk of terrorist attacks.
– We are in NATO. It’s our duty to help. We can’t turn our back on Afghanistan


Government Increases the Number of Troops in Afghanistan

(Press Headlines)

Should Polish soldiers be sent on military missions far from Poland?

(Public Survey Results)

Peacekeeping missions and Poland's contribution in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo


Various opinions:

“Missions help us to become better soldiers as we have to face real danger.”

“Of course, money is important but it’s not the only reason why I went to Iraq.”

“They sent us here; we risk our lives every day and we don’t even have suitable uniforms; not to mention other equipment.”

“Missions are too absorbing. We mustn’t forget about our other needs. Let’s take the process of modernization of our army. It’s definitely too slow.”

 Country Started Number of soldiers Killed
Afghanistan: 2002 2600 16
Bosnia and Herzegovina : 2004 204 1
Kosovo: 1999 320 3
Iraq: Currently 20 officers on the NATO Training Mission
L3 050 Writing
L3 050 Writing
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