Radio communication rules

Today, I present a summary of radio correspondence rules. This topic popped up while I was writing instruction for a tactical game “The Patrol.” Since the game is almost ready, you can expect it to be available soon.

Radio communication – basic rules

Military radio communication procedures and basic data.While exchanging the messages over the radio you should follow some basic rules to comply with international standards, both in the civil and military conditions alike. Below you will find the basic, fixed radio phraseology used for the purpose of radio transmissions along with some military procedures to follow.

Universal rules of radio communication

1)    Before you press the transmission button, gather your thoughts about what you are going to say. Many people with radios have a tendency to talk and/or repeat too much. Say what you need to say without unnecessary repeats. Keep in mind that your message should go through the first time – you may not have any opportunity to repeat it. Continue reading “Radio communication rules” »

MEDEVAC request

MEDEVAC  request – 9-liner

No matter what formation you are from, the most desired assets and forces you would like to see in a shity situation are the angels with red cross on helos – MEDEVAC crews. They are nicknamed DUSTOFF in Afghanistan and they go where the humans and sophisticated equipment failed, leading to some casualties. Before they come to rescue you they must be called in. And then this post comes in handy. Continue reading “MEDEVAC request” »

Reading test – level 2

Below, you’ll find a level 2 (SLP 2222) reading comprehension test. It’s a courtesy of CKEJO MON. The answer key is given at the end of the test.

READING test, level 2


Task One

Read the text and choose the right answer.

The Big Biggs

In 1963 Ronald Biggs, together with other gang members, stole £2.6 million from a mail train, the equivalent of around £40 million today. After being convicted and jailed, Biggs escaped from prison on 7 July 1965. He then fled to Paris, where he acquired new identity papers and underwent plastic surgery. Continue reading “Reading test – level 2” »

Tactical game – testing stage

English resources for the military

I believe I have a great news for all military English fans. I have been developing the idea of a tactical board game for the English learners for two years already. And this week I finally reached the stage of practical tests in my unit. The idea of a tactical game originated from my own experience with language learning and the language deficiencies identified during ISAF mission. No matter what teachers I had I always missed practical application of the materials presented. To

Fragment of a tactical game board. Ghazni area in Afghanistan - the settings of the game for the military.

The game board – one sixth of the featured sketch. Ghazni area of Afganistan.

pratice military jargon in real military situations with non-military teachers was even harder to perform.

But this year I’m going to change this situation a little! Let me explain to you what the whole concept is about.

English tactical game – rules

The rules are super simple. There are two players or teams in the game – color coded as Whites and Blacks. Whites are players who do tasks of the patrol leader and Blacks are those who do tasks of the unit commander in TOC. Players draw Continue reading “Tactical game – testing stage” »

English for free

Notice in English:

English for free. Get feedback on your writing test according to STANAG 6001. Two steps to get free teacher's evaluation of your work.

Practise English for free

For those who want to practise their writing skills, only in March we offer a great opportunity. Take any of the writing tests already published on our site and we will revise it for you for free. To get the feedback follow only 2 steps: Continue reading “English for free” »

Writing test on level 3

Writing in the military. English test on writing skills on level 3STANAG 6001 test – released by CEBFL in Poland. Since I receive e-mails with repeated inquiry I’d like to remind you that all tests already published on my website are organized according to the exam level and the skills tested. Just click the tab “Tests-testy” above to see all the resources already published.

Writing test – SLP 3333


Task One

Part A

Your unit CO received a request from foreign representatives asking about the possibility to  observe a military exercise to be held at your training area by your unit. The visit has been approved and the CO has tasked you with writing an appropriate letter of reply using the notes below. Write between 100 and 120 words. Continue reading “Writing test on level 3” »