Reading test, level 2

STANAG 6001 English test - reading on level 2.Below you will find a full reading test from original examination paper (courtesy of the Polish Armed Forces School of Languages (PAFSL). You have 75 minutes to do all the tasks. Then you can check your answers with the answer key provided at the end of the test.

Reading – level 2

Reading – SLP 2222


 Task One

Read the text and choose the right answer.

Mamma Mia!

It is Money, money, money for a Greek island as the film Mamma Mia! attracts many tourists. The small Greek island of Skopelos was not a well known tourist destination. The number of tourists may be going down in other places, however the situation on Skopelos is different. Continue reading “Reading test, level 2” »

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Military Visual Dictionary

Visual dictionary for the military

I’m moving my house, so I’ve been quite busy recently (and happy :-) ). The move to another location, among other things, requires a lot of packing of your belongings. That’s how I found an old box with my handouts from various language courses. One particular set of sheets drew my attention. It was a pile of visual materials I was once given to practice military, specialised vocabulary. Today I would like to share those resources. Since the pictures I have do not contain any labels, captions, etc., I cannot, unfortunately, give the credit to the authors of the pictures. If you recognize your work here, let me know – I’ll publish the proper recognition on the website.


Click on big titles or tumbnails to open an image in a separate window. To help you search for a proper English term, all featured vocabulary is mentioned below each title. Continue reading “Military Visual Dictionary” »

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Best books for military English learners

Military reading

You could notice that my site lacks a section called “blogroll” or any of such a type. It’s the result of my SEO policy not to promote similar sites, especially when I want to start up with mine. At this time, when my site is optimized, well positioned, recognizable and visible in Google search engine well enough, I can afford to link to other sources. What is more, links and recommendations will help the learners to enter useful sites directly from my page. That’s why today I’m presenting you the best books to read and the best sites to visit while learning military English.

Course book reviews

Most of the books mentioned below are the books I have already read and thorougly studied. That’s why I have no scruples about recommending it to the military English learners.

1) “Command English” by James Arnold and Robert Sacco. It is the first book featuring military vocabulary I have Command English - a basic military English course bookread in my life. It’s a well recognized and received publication, which thanks to many illustrations enables beginners to familiarize with the military vocabulary. The whole book is divided into 20 units, all of them featuring thematic vocabulary on a particular subject – an area of military life. The book also contains four progress tests, each of them testing 5 subsequent units. To help the reader out with word search there is also a vocabulary list at the end of the book. In this list, you can easily find an unknown word and refer to the proper chapter for its usage. The book was published by Longman – Pearson Education (in 2011 rebranded to Pearson: Pearson no longer offers this book. Continue reading “Best books for military English learners” »

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Reading comprehension level 4 STANAG 6001 test SLP 4444

Reading test logo from STANAG6001 military English web serviceReading test – level 4


Task One

Read each of the texts below and then complete the sentence, which comes under the text, using no more than five words to show that you have understood the text.

An example has been provided for you.

0.     Chee Soon Juan, leader of the Singapore Democratic party, pleaded not guilty to the charge of speaking in public without a permit, over a speech made in February. The case highlights the state restrictions on free speech.

In Singapore one has to ____have a permit/have permission ___ to speak in public

1.      The attempt by Beyoncé and Jay-Z to register their infant daughter’s name as a trade mark in the US appears to be continuing in spite of the fact that a wedding planner, who has been running a business with the same name since 2009, has been given the go ahead by the US Patent and Trademark Office to carry on using the name Blue Ivy for events.

Blue Ivy is both a pop _______________________________ name. Continue reading “Reading comprehension level 4 STANAG 6001 test SLP 4444” »

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Level 4 test – listening part

listening resources for STANAG 6001 testsIt’s another STANAG 6001 test derived from the Central Examination Board for  Foreign Languages of the Ministry of National Defense (CEBFL) in Poland. Again, it was adjusted a little to make it easier for the site visitors to practise on-line.

Listening test – SLP 4444


Task One

You are going to listen to six news items. Listen and choose the best answer A, B, C or D. You can hear the items once only. I repeat, once only. Take a break of 30 seconds before each news item to read through the questions to that item.

1. Recently, the Congolese President …


A.     has invited foreigners to join the Congolese Army
B.     has promised to tighten cooperation with Rwanda
C.     has authorized the use of force against the rebels
D.     has criticized the proxy war between Hutus and Tutsis

Continue reading “Level 4 test – listening part” »

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Listening tasks – level 4 exam


Listening tasks


Today, I present the first material for listening test on level 4 according to STANAG 6001. This is a full examination set, checking your listening skills. The test was designed by the Central Examination Board for  Foreign Languages of the Ministry of National Defense (CEBFL), Poland. All recordings are taken from their test and were modified to make the whole test easier to practice for the Internet users. All tasks were organized in such a way to let you do each task seperately. Original listening exam is played continuously with no breaks, however, the pauses are included in the recording. The same concerns repetitions whenever the task foresees listening to the recording twice. Here, you will have to play the given part twice instead. Original instructions were adjusted to fit an on-line character of the test. I considered recorded verbal instructions as pointless here, therefore they were removed from the recordings. Enjoy the test and do not hesitate to comment on it, like it, recommend it or to ask for additional resources via e-mail.

Continue reading “Listening tasks – level 4 exam” »

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