Level 4 speaking (SLP 4444)

Level 4 exam – speaking



You serve in an Air Force military unit, and you think it would be a good idea to organise an international air-show in the base. You are to give a formal presentation about it. (1) Tell your superiors about your idea, (2) present its advantages and (3) try to predict problems. (4) Convince your superiors of the feasibility of the project. Below are some visuals and ideas that may help you. Elements 1 to 4 must be included.
A picture with citizens' opinions in it

2009 Kłobuck air-show:

  • advantages:
    • new experience/information
    • Polish companies (promotion)
    • town (promotion)
    • renovation of base
    • seminar/workshop
  • problems
    • not enough hotel rooms
    • railway far away
    • no experience
    • safety
A sketch map with Kłobuck airfield

A sketch map with Kłobuck airfield and nearby Poznań

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Military exams – speaking part rules

Level 4 exam – hints for speaking part

Types of tasks

Level 4 English exams in the military require high level of organizational skills and basic presentation capabilities. As a typical task in Poland you are asked to prepare a presentation basing on the information provided. Except for a perfect language you must know and handle quite well the presentation principles. Some basic rules of the oral intercourse are required to sell your ideas successfully. That’s why if you are not familiar with public presentations it’s high time to take into it, unless you’re not going to take level 4 exam. The whole oral exam promotes good briefers because such abilities are required in everyday military life, I think. Your presentation will be therefore assessed in the following areas:

  • organisation of ideas,
  • clarity of delivery,
  • time management,
  • fluency.

Marking considerations

Failure to meet any of those requirements will result in lower note from the specific field, so you won’t receive a good overall mark from the whole task. So pay attention not only to fluency but also to organization and clarity. Since there is also a time constraint you must be fast too.

Course of exam

You have 20 minutes to prepare for a 5-minute presentation, from the moment you receive the prompt card with the task.  You are allowed to make brief notes and you can refer to them during the presentation. You mustn’t write the presentation in order to simply read it out so writing down the whole brief simply won’t work out and doesn’t make any sence because it takes too much time. For the non-disclosure reasons you can only write on the papers provided and you mustn’t take the notes or the task sheet away from the examination room. Since you are examined in pairs you should be prepared to answer candidate B’s questions after your presentation. S/he might have been asked to do that in her/his task instructions.

And the last advice: it’s better to finish earlier than later, exceeding your time limit.

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Writing tasks – level 3 exam

English military exam – level 3

Today, you will find a full examination paper from level 3 English exam. It consists of two tasks. The first task is two-staged. General student’s ability required from you is the reasoning and a proper composition of official letters. You are given some texts, pieces of information you should use in order to compose proper correspondence. Like the other examination sets this one contains also a task requiring a report. You cannot get away without this form of writing! :-)

Writing part of the exam


Task One

Part A

You work for a military language center in Poland. The Hungarian MoD wants to send some soldiers for a Polish language course. They have sent a letter to find out if it is possible. Write a letter asking for and giving necessary information. Write between 100 and 120 words.


Soldiers – how many? / in a group or individual?

Exam? – certificate – want?

Accommodation  – language center (+ food) – €30

                 – hotel*** (B&B) – €70

February till June – No! / March till July – OK


Part B

Your CO has got a letter from the Hungarians saying what they have decided on. You have been tasked with preparing the language center for the course. Write a memo to your CO informing him (1) what has already been done and (2) what else should be prepared. Write between 60 and 80 words.

Task Two

Write a report describing the present situation of the arms industry in Poland. (1) Outline its achievements, (2) indicate problems and (3) suggest solutions for the future. Write between 200-250 words. The pictorials below are given to help you but do not have to be used. 


Polish Army to Buy Leopard 2A4s! Why not PT-91 “Twardy”?

Malaysia impressed by the Rosomak. Will they buy them?  

Łucznik Produces the Best Kalashnikovs!

Few New Contracts for Polish Arms Producers! Will They Survive?

(newspapers’ headlines)


Soldiers’ opinions Polish arms producers’ opinions
I think the Polish army should buy Polish tanks.

Leopard is old but still does a much better job in the field than Twardy.

Let’s keep the Polish factories busy. People need jobs!!

We have too little money to make new equipment

Politicians do nothing to promote us

Polish factories should co-operate more

The chart illustrating annual Polish arms export figures

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SLP 4444 – Writing test

I’m back at the computer, so I’ll be publishing more tests now. Today, writing again. This time level 4 writing task, again, from the original Polish examination paper – courtesy of Polish Central Examination Board of MoD. You have 70 minutes to fulfil the writing task.

Writing – Level 4 (SLP 4444)


An international military research group is analysing the effects of the mission in Iraq on national forces. You have been tasked with writing a report about changes in the Polish Armed Forces (PAF) resulting from experience gained during the mission. (1) Describe briefly the 2003 – 2008 mission. (2) Say what problems appeared. (3) Speculate what could have been done better in the early phase. (4) Describe the advantages and (5) disadvantages of the mission for the Polish military. (6) Make recommendations how to improve preparations of Polish troops for other future operations. (7) Justify your opinions.   

A high degree of accuracy, appropriacy and good organisation within paragraphs is expected. Write between 500 and 600 words. You have 70 minutes for this task. Below are some prompts that may help you.


The map of Iraq with different areas of responsibility

Multinational Forces under Polish command over several years: Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, El Salvador, Slovakia, Ukraine, the USA. Polish casualties: 23.

Various Opinions:

‘Polish Army sucks! The commanders react too slowly and don’t follow orders from the American allies’ cause they don’t understand English. The soldiers are poorly trained, badly equipped and can hardly co-operate with US troops.’

Paul Bremer, American, former-head of the Occupation Forces (2004).

‘We were really well prepared for this mission. If only we had better equipment –  not only vehicles and weapons, but also stuff like goggles or boots! Well, so much for safety and comfort.’

A soldier (2005).

‘We’ve started modifying our strategy, tactics and operationability. We realized asymmetric war in urban areas was a true challenge – now we know how to prevent it or fight it .’

A military expert (2007).

‘The lesson we’ve learned – combat experience. Proving your skills, testing the men and the equipment. Conclusions? There’s lots to change – our training system for example.’

An officer (2008).

Rotation Number of soldiers From To
I. 2500 17.05.2003 11.01.2004
II. 2500 11.01.2004 18.07.2004
III. 2400 18.07.2004 07.02.2005
IV. 1500 07.02.2005 26.07.2005
V. 1500 26.07.2005 06.02.2006
VI. 900 06.02.2006 18.07.2006
VII. 900 18.07.2006 24.01.2007
VIII. 900 24.01.2007 25.07.2007
IX. 900 25.07.2007 30.01.2008
X. 900 30.01.2008 31.10.2008
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SLP 4444 – writing test

Level 4 exam – must-know facts

Level 4 exams require a high degree of accuracy and appropriacy and good organisation within paragraphs. On this level you should be extremely well-organized and precise. You will be dealing with time-constraints as well because you will have only 70 minutes to produce a text of about 500-600 words. It’s not much so if you cannot write a clear, tidy copy from the beginning, forget about the exam – there won’t be enough time to rewrite it, unless you’re a Guiness’ World Champion in handwriting. Unlike at the lower level exams, at level 4 exam you are not allowed to use the information provided in its original form. You will have some prompts to help you, but remember not to copy them literally. The examination board will subtract some of your points if you cannot transform, paraphrase or modify original information.

Below you will find level 4 examination paper, I was lucky to receive during my exam. Needless to say – I passed! :-) I wish you the same! Continue reading “SLP 4444 – writing test” »

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SLP 3333 – writing test

Below you will find full writing test from level 3 English exam. It is a historical, actual examination paper, you could come across in Poland. It consists of two obligatory tasks. The instructions are as much simple as from lower level exams, however, you are given several additional data, not directly mentioned. The new thing you must do as an examinee, is to extract necessary (or just useful) information from assisting sketches, drawings, charts, headlines, graphics, etc.

Writing test – level 3


Task  One

Part A

Your unit is expecting a visit of several officers from England. Some arrangements have already been made. However, a few more things must be made clear. Write a letter to Maj Smith, the officer organizing the visit from the English side, giving him necessary information and asking about some details. Use the notes below. Continue reading “SLP 3333 – writing test” »

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