SLP 3333 – writing test

Below you will find full writing test from level 3 English exam. It is a historical, actual examination paper, you could come across in Poland. It consists of two obligatory tasks. The instructions are as much simple as from lower level exams, however, you are given several additional data, not directly mentioned. The new thing you must do as an examinee, is to extract necessary (or just useful) information from assisting sketches, drawings, charts, headlines, graphics, etc.

Writing test – level 3


Task  One

Part A

Your unit is expecting a visit of several officers from England. Some arrangements have already been made. However, a few more things must be made clear. Write a letter to Maj Smith, the officer organizing the visit from the English side, giving him necessary information and asking about some details. Use the notes below. Continue reading “SLP 3333 – writing test” »

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SLP 2222 – oral exam format

Level 2 speaking tasks

Since on level 2 you should know English much better than on level 1, all the instructions and supporting materials are in English. The formula of the English oral exam on level 2 intends to test the examinee during an interaction with the examiner. That is why the whole exam consists of one conversation on a subject chosen at random.

Speaking topics – samples

When you enter the examination room you are asked to choose one out of several samples of speaking topics. You must tell the examination board the number of your sheet of paper to let them know what task you have. The whole exam set consists of your (examinee’s) sheet and corresponding examiner’s sheet with his/her role to play in that particular scenario. The example of the exam set is shown below:



You are at the tourist information office in Brighton, England.
You need some information.
The examiner is a clerk.

Ask about:

- cheap accommodation in Brighton
- price
- conditions   -   bathroom in the room?
-   meals?
- far?
- how to get there?
- no taxi – too expensive – bus?
- the bus stop where & where to get off

The examiner speaks first, “Hello! How can I help you?”



You work as a clerk at the tourist information office in Brighton, England.

The candidate needs some information about accommodation.

Suggest:          – a guest house in North Street
Inform:           – £30    per night for two people
- conditions – no private bathroom
- no restaurant in the guest house
- quite far / about 3 miles
- better to take the taxi
- bus No.40
- the bus stop just opposite the office / get off at the sixth stop from here

You speak first, “Hello! How can I help you?”

You can expect some of these additional questions to appear during the conversation:

1.    What do you prefer: a camp-site or a hotel? Why?
2.    Tell me about your last stay at a hotel/a guest house.
3.    What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a block of flats?
4.    Soldiers often have to change the place of living. How does it influence their lives?

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SLP 3333 Reading test in English

Bulgarian STANAG exams tests

So far I have published Polish tests prepared according to STANAG6001. Since all non-English speakers in NATO are interested in English exams, so are the Bulgarians. It made me search for other than Polish tests and I found those, prepared by the Bulgarian national test team of Ministry of Defence:

Reading comprehension test – level 3 (SLP 3333)



Read the text FREQUENT FLYER PROGRAM. Choose the correct answer. Circle a, b, c, or d. “0” is an example.


If you travel a lot, you’ve probably thought about getting a frequent flyer (FF) card. How does it work exactly? Although the programs started with U.S. airlines, they are a global fact of life in travel today. Continue reading “SLP 3333 Reading test in English” »

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Language lovers competition 2012

Language lovers’ blogs

I’m pleased to inform you that my blog at domain was nominated to this year edition of Language lovers blogs competition in the category of Professionals’ blogs. The actual voting will start from 15th of May so you can expect then some voting button on my website.

Language lovers competition

The whole competition is designed and run by two well-known language web services: and You can visit both sites to read about the previous years editions or this year edition details.

If you found my website helpful and you would like it to develope, please be willing to vote for my blog as soon as the voting starts. I will keep you informed about the competition.


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SLP 3333 – speaking topics

English exam on level 3 – speaking

Below you will find several topics that in the past were discussed during Polish military exams according to STANAG 6001 standards. During level 3 exams you may be asked either to give a presentation (run a briefing) either to lead a discussion on a specific subject.

Today I’m publishing several discussion topics and briefings subjects you may practise prior to the actual exam.

Remember that more important is to practise hasty speech in public than advanced discourse on a specific matter. It’s more about training your speaker’s skills than your extended vocabulary. It is always better to speak smoothly with limited lexis than to have extended vocabulary and stummer at every word. Show your proficiency and show off a little bit – it works! ;-)

Discussion topics


Mass Media

Nowadays there are numerous sources of information. Look at the list below. Discuss the following media and try to agree which of them is the most and the least informative. Be ready to justify your choice.

   TV                 radio                 press                 the Internet

What makes the mass media so influential?
What can be done to ensure objectivity of the media?

(L3/S/002) Continue reading “SLP 3333 – speaking topics” »

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SLP 4444 STANAG reading tests

Reading test – level 4


Task One

Read each of the texts below and then complete the sentence, which comes under the text, using no more than five words to show that you have understood the text.

An example has been provided for you.

0.      Supporters of an Iranian asylum seeker, who sewed up his eyes, ears and mouth in a protest at a Home Office decision to deport him, have vowed to seek further legal advice to help him remain in Britain. Shahin Portofeh, 23, of Hillfields, Coventry, was persuaded by doctors to abandon his protest. Protofeh claims he could face arrest and execution if he returns to Iran. The Home Office said his actions would have no bearing on his case.

The Home Office’s decision will probably  ____remain unchanged_____ despite the protests. Continue reading “SLP 4444 STANAG reading tests” »

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