Peacekeeping missions and trainings oriented papers on level 3

Third level of language proficiency according to Stanag6001. 3 star general helmetBelow you will find example answers to the writing tasks included in the exam set: L3/W/008.

Use these papers (a report, a memorandum and a letter) as a reference for your own writing. The examples provided are raw students’ papers with all grammar and lexical errors corrected.


Dear Mr. Director,

I am pleased to inform you that the request regarding your visit has been approved by the commander. Can you, please, provide me with the exact date of your arrival and the number of the people who are going to participate? Regarding your accommodation I can guarantee only tents on the territory of the base. Will it be sufficient for the incoming team?

We will be more than happy to give the spectators an overview of our peacekeeping activities. We would like to bring your journalists’ attention to the trainings with local soldiers and service at the checkpoints. We can also arrange for you an interview with our commander or his deputy.

Please, let us know if it is fine to you or if you have any suggestions regarding your visit.

Yours faithfully,





DATE: 21st November, 2014

SUBJECT: Additional information on the TV team visit

  • The response we received from the TV team includes an additional request. The journalists want to visit also the field hospital. I suggest that a consent to this expectation should be given.
  • I suggest undertaking additional security measures during the visit of the journalists. The TV team have to wear their badges at all times and the liaison officer should assist them during the whole stay in our camp.


Report on the security and safety on the training areas in Poland

Accident description: Recently another fatal accident has happened at the Drawsko military training area. According to the Military Police report, Private Kowalski was accidentally shot by another soldier. The accident happened early in the morning in poor weather conditions. Acting in the fog and the heavy rain, Private Kowalski was fatally wounded in the chest. Judging from the preliminary MP investigation reports it seems to have been an unintentional gunshot.

ANALYSIS: Having in mind the official explanation from the MP report, the soldiers’ opinions reinforce the investigation findings. Some soldiers’ testimonies underline the fact that the weapon used by them is old, unreliable and hazardous. The others claimed that their equipment is too complicated and many hours should be spent on special trainings to operate it properly. Some more also said that the situation was caused by the wrong orders given by the unit commander. Last but not least, weapon safety rules were not followed by the soldier who caused the accident.


A set of actions should be undertaken to stop the accidents death toll from rising; within 15 years it doubled. The crucial point is to improve the exercises organization and supervision. More frequent inspections will help keep the safety on steady level. Additional controls should start from the highest level to the units downrange. Finally, additional money should be allocated for the new equipment and specialized trainings.