Military exams – speaking part rules

Level 4 exam – hints for speaking part

Types of tasks

Level 4 English exams in the military require high level of organizational skills and basic presentation capabilities. As a typical task in Poland you are asked to prepare a presentation basing on the information provided. Except for a perfect language you must know and handle quite well the presentation principles. Some basic rules of the oral intercourse are required to sell your ideas successfully. That’s why if you are not familiar with public presentations it’s high time to take into it, unless you’re not going to take level 4 exam. The whole oral exam promotes good briefers because such abilities are required in everyday military life, I think. Your presentation will be therefore assessed in the following areas:

  • organisation of ideas,
  • clarity of delivery,
  • time management,
  • fluency.

Marking considerations

Failure to meet any of those requirements will result in lower note from the specific field, so you won’t receive a good overall mark from the whole task. So pay attention not only to fluency but also to organization and clarity. Since there is also a time constraint you must be fast too.

Course of exam

You have 20 minutes to prepare for a 5-minute presentation, from the moment you receive the prompt card with the task.  You are allowed to make brief notes and you can refer to them during the presentation. You mustn’t write the presentation in order to simply read it out so writing down the whole brief simply won’t work out and doesn’t make any sence because it takes too much time. For the non-disclosure reasons you can only write on the papers provided and you mustn’t take the notes or the task sheet away from the examination room. Since you are examined in pairs you should be prepared to answer candidate B’s questions after your presentation. S/he might have been asked to do that in her/his task instructions.

And the last advice: it’s better to finish earlier than later, exceeding your time limit.