Briefing – examples

Briefings in the military

Since the ability to present your own ideas is one of the essential skills you should master in the military, I propose some exercises for you. To practise your presentation skills and speaking in front of the audience, try to prepare the following topics and brief them to anybody around. It will prepare you for public speeches or any briefings you may be required to deliver.

Military briefings - the art of speaking in public

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The English teachers may treat the following topics as the classroom activities while practising speaking skills. If you combine these presentations with classroom discussions, you have ready-to-use resource for asking, responding, speculating, giving opinions or arguing activities – you name it. Each topic is a perfect reason for searching for and mastering the specialized vocabulary from your field of expertise.

This is the list of topics covered in the post:

Briefing 1 – modernization of the military equipment

The maintenance division you work for got less money for the equipment that needed, so a careful decision on how to spend it is necessary. Give a briefing on two posssible ways of spending money describing their advantages and disadvantages. Recommend one and justify your choice.

  • buy some modern equipment
  • upgrade the old equipment
  • other

Briefing 2 – medical station facility

The medical station in your unit is located in an old building which is too small and in poor condition. It has to be moved to another place. Give a briefing on two possible solutions describing their advantages and disadvantages. Recommend one and explain why.

  • construction of a new building
  • adaptation of another building
  • other

Briefing 3 – multinational exercise

There will be a multinational exercise held in the UK soon. Its aim is to put emergency procedures for a terrorist attack into practice. Give a briefing on two candidate platoons describing their strong and weak points. Think of skills, experience, language proficiency. Recommend one platoon and justify your choice.

  • A platoon, C Coy
  • A platoon, B Coy

Briefing 4 – investments next to the military unit

The command of your unit have been asked by the local authorities for their opinion about selling land next to your unit grounds. There are two companies offering different investments. Give a briefing to assess the influence of the potential investments on the unit describing their pros and cons. Recommend the more acceptable one and justify your choice.

  • Investment A – luxury apartments
  • Investment B – International Logistics Co. – a supply center
 Briefing 5 – a primary school closure

You work in a military base abroad. A plan to close a primary school on the base and send children to a big school in town raised the parents’ concern. As a PR officer, you are to present the problem to the military authorities and suggest solutions. Give a briefing describing advantages of each option you are presenting. Recommend one solution and justify your choice.

  • keeping the school
  • sending kids to a local school
  • other
Briefing 6 – UN mission supplies

On a UN mission you were tasked with preparing a plan for the delivery of new equipment. It has to be transported to the camp 250 miles away. Give a briefing on two possible ways of supplying the equipment describing their advantages and disadvantages. Recommend one and justify your choice.

  • one big convoy
  • two convoys
  • other