Listening tasks – level 4 exam


Listening tasks


Today, I present the first material for listening test on level 4 according to STANAG 6001. This is a full examination set, checking your listening skills. The test was designed by the Central Examination Board for  Foreign Languages of the Ministry of National Defense (CEBFL), Poland. All recordings are taken from their test and were modified to make the whole test easier to practice for the Internet users. All tasks were organized in such a way to let you do each task seperately. Original listening exam is played continuously with no breaks, however, the pauses are included in the recording. The same concerns repetitions whenever the task foresees listening to the recording twice. Here, you will have to play the given part twice instead. Original instructions were adjusted to fit an on-line character of the test. I considered recorded verbal instructions as pointless here, therefore they were removed from the recordings. Enjoy the test and do not hesitate to comment on it, like it, recommend it or to ask for additional resources via e-mail.

Task 1

You are going to listen to six news items. Listen and choose the best answer A, B, C or D. You should hear the items once only. I repeat, once only. Take a break of 30 seconds before each news item to read through the questions to that item.

1. The infestation of locusts has …

Play/download task 1_1 here.

A.     caused severe food shortages
B.     affected 2 million hectares of land
C.     required help of the military
D.     led to intensive use of pesticides


2. Recently Pakistani Security Forces have …

Play/download task 1_2 here.

A.     helped the FBI to find a terrorist from the top of their list
B.     arrested someone accused of involvement in a big action
C.     intensified actions aimed against computer terrorism
D.     monitored many religious ceremonies and institutions


3. North Korean asylum seekers …

Play/download task 1_3 here.

A.     attempt to flee in large numbers
B.     are evicted from foreign missions
C.     are a petty issue for the authorities
D.     reach their destination indirectly


4. The recent sequence of events in the Middle East began with …

Play/download task 1_4 here.

A.     the destruction of a Hamaz group
B.     a suicide attack in Hebron
C.     a political assassination
D.     the closing off in Hebron


5. To wreak havoc hurricane Ivan needn’t  …

Play/download task 1_5 here.

A.     pick up steadily and continuously
B.     suddenly change the direction
C.     hit directly a particular area
D.     attack along with a storm


6. The latest court ruling enables the UFJ financial group to …

Play/download task 1_6 here.

A.     ally with Mitsubishi Tokyo Group
B.     sell some of its business to Sumitomo
C.     scrap the deal with Sumitomo Group
D.     merge with the US financial giant


Task 2

You are going to hear Louise Cooper, a business reporter, interviewed on the report on the activities of Conrad Black, former Chief Executive Officer of Hollinger Incorporated. Listen and choose the best answer A, B, C or D.  You should hear the piece once only. I repeat, once only. Take a break of 1 minute to look through the questions.

Play/download task 2 here.

7.    The report has been …

A.     questioned by lawyers
B.     sent to Hollinger Inc.
C.     discarded by the SEC
D.     ordered by Hollinger Inc.

8.    Allegedly, Lord Black and David Radliff  …

A.     oversaw the company’s accounts
B.     manipulated the company’s shareholders
C.     embezzled the company’s profits
D.     cheated the company’s shareholders

9.    Why Hollinger allowed these activities to take place is …

A.     due to incompetence of their audit committee
B.     clearly stated in the report
C.     because they did not have the auditing body
D.     not explained in the report

10. After the report appeared, Conrad Black …

A.     criticised the media for publishing the report
B.     insisted on another investigation by SEC
C.     accused Hollinger Incorporated of wasting money
D.     demanded financial compensation from Hollinger


Task 3

You will hear a radio discussion. Listen and complete the notes by writing a few words. An example has been done for you. You can hear the piece twice. I repeat, twice. Take a break of 30 seconds to look through the questions.

Play/download task 3 here.

(0).      (Example) David Brooks thinks that opinion polls … 

…..are extremely powerful….

11.  According to one, speaker opinion polls shouldn’t be done (when?) …

12.  The factor paralysing John Kerrry’s campaign is that …

13.  One speaker says Al Quaida won’t attack USA before presidential elections because …

14.  According to one speaker, if people want to judge president Bush they should …


Task 4

You will hear a presentation made by a gun expert from the New Jersey Institute of Technology who is working on firearms safety. Listen and complete the notes from the presentation by writing a few words. An example has been done for you. You are allowed to hear the piece once only. I repeat, once only. Take just 1 minute to look through the questions.

Play/download task 4 here.

Dr Jeffers has been in the United States: (0)  for a few months

One of the solutions to the problem of gun-related deaths is:   federal gun control

Federal gun controls will make State Governments’ position: (15) ……..

The speakers suggests that the benefit of gun safety measures is that: (16) ……..

The oldest methods of making guns safe are rarely used because: (17)  ……………

The California and Maryland initiative was opposed by: (18)  …………

New Jersey’s requirement may be abandoned if :  the technology is not commercially viable

The tag idea might fail if: (19)  …………

Dr Sebastian’s method may be ineffective when:  (20) ………….

Dr Sebastian’s project can be put into practice provided that:  his team are given more funds


That is the end of the test. At the exam you would normally have 4 minutes to check through your answers before the examinators collect the answer sheet. Remember to stay silent and not to communicate with any of the candidates. It’s treated as the attempt of cheating and therefore you may immediately fail the test.

Answer key:

Task One: 1) C     2)B      3)D      4)C      5)C      6)A

Task Two: 7)D      8)C      9)D      10)C

Task Three: 11) during party conventions    12) two opposing positions within the party     13) this would help Bush     14) assess his 4 years of presidency

Task Four: 15) weaker       16) gun-related deaths will drop        17) the manufacturers are under no compulsions to make guns safer       18) NRA, National Rifle Association       19) the gun is kept together with the card/transmitter      20) people’s grip changes e.g. when people panic/sweat