level 3 listening test

STANAG 6001 test derived from the Central Examination Board for  Foreign Languages of the Ministry of National Defense (CEBFL) in Poland. It was adjusted a little to make it easier for the site visitors to practise on-line. The whole test is designed to test your listening comprehension within 40 minutes. Any time the break is required, you will be informed and must count this time yourself. Recordings from task 1&2  are played twice during exam with a short break between. The third task includes short recordings which are played only once! For those who wish to have a script of the recordings, there is a pdf version of all texts in the download manager, at the end of the test.

Listening test – SLP 3333


Task One

You are going to hear extracts from radio interviews. Listen and choose the best answer  a), b) or c). You will hear each recording twice. Before each recording there will be a pause of 30 seconds to read the questions. You have 30 sec to read the questions and then you can play the recording below.

1. According to the scientist, zebras need stripes for …

a) social interaction
b) temperature regulation
c) protection against flies

2. What does the scientist say about wearing stripy clothes in hot climates?

a) He’s unsure about it
b) He rocommends it
c) He warns about it

You have 30 sec to read the questions and then you can play the recording below.


3. We learn that frequent attacks are directed against … 

a) Cambodian workers
b) Nigerian villagers
c) Chinese employees

4. The terrorists have less support because … 

a) their ideology is misunderstood
b) they operate mostly in poor regions
c) they carry out very brutal attacks

You have 30 sec to read the questions and then you can play the recording below.


5. When Ivan the Terrible took the throne, he was known as … 

a) a powerful man
b) a very cruel man
c) an unattractive man

6. Ivan the Terrible killed his … 

a) son
b) wife
c) grandchild

Task two

You are going to listen to an officer giving a briefing. Complete the notes. You can listen to the briefing twice and now, you have 40 seconds pause to look at the notes.


7. The coalition forces are looking into the cause of …

8. Increased security was necessary due to …

9. The enemy forces were firing from (where?) …

10. Afghan and coalition forces did not conduct …

11. The coalition forces recovered ANA uniforms as well as …

12. The civilians killed in the operation included …

Task three

You are going to hear short news items. You will hear each news item ONCE. Listen and choose the best answer a), b) or c). Before each news item there will be a pause of 30 seconds to read the question. You now have 30 seconds to read the first question.

13. President Pervez Musharraf has been …

a) ordered to leave Pakistan
b) allowed to leave Pakistan
c) forbidden to leave Pakistan

14. The Japanese Premier resigned as he failed to …

a) protect the power plant against a disaster
b) prevent a crisis from hitting the country
c) show leadership in times of trouble

15. From the news item we learn that the Taiwan’s former President …

a) is facing trial
b) will be sent to jail
c) got another sentence

16. It’s the first time the Pakistani military leader has …

a) changed the constitution
b) come to trial in a civilian court
c) admitted breaking the constitution

17. Mr. Ehud Olmert got involved in crime when he was … 

a) the mayor of Jerusalem
b) a district court employee
c) the Prime Minister in 2008

18. As a result of the elections, the AK party will …

a) remain the main political force
b) lose power in two major cities
c) be the main opposition party

19. The temperatures in Antarctica have been …

a) staying at the same level for years
b) increasing more quickly than elsewhere
c) rising more slowly than in other place

20. The journalists have been arrested for …

a) trying to bribe several businessmen
b) writing negatively about some firms
c) forcing firms to pay for positive news

Answer key

 Task one

1 C      2 A     3 B     4 C     5 C     6 A

Task two

7) (accidental) deaths of civilians
8) (upcoming) national elections
9)  civilian houses
10) raids on Afghan homes
11) AK-47s & RPGs
12) 7 women & 5 children

Task three

13 B    14 C    15 C     16 B     17 A    18 A     19 C    20 C

You can also download the scripts of all the recordings in pdf format from the download manager below.


L3 L 001 Scripts
L3 L 001 Scripts
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