English test on level 2 – listening

Listening comprehension tasks according to STANAG 6001 - military EnglishSTANAG 6001 test – courtesy of CEBFL in Poland. You can practise it on-line. The whole test is designed to test your listening comprehension within 35 minutes. Any time the break is required, you will be informed and must count this time yourself. All tasks recordings are played twice during exam.

Listening test – SLP 2222


Task One

 For questions 1-7 please choose the best answer a), b) or c). You now have one minute to look through the questions for Task One.

You can play and/or download the task 1 here.

1. David became successful when he showed tricks to …

A. ordinary people
B. famous people
C. TV viewers

2. Before his last show, David …

A. got a lot of phone calls
B. decided to lose weight
C. broke the world record

3. In Los Angeles, Valentino appeared in …

A. a cultural program
B. casino shows
C. a music video

4. Controversy was caused by …

A. Valentino himself
B. other magicians
C. Fox television

5. Valentino wants magicians to …

A. teach children tricks
B. make magic gadgets
C. create new tricks

6. The best way to get ‘magic’ equipment is …

A. over the Internet
B. in magic stores
C. in magicians’ clubs

7. A magic show is successful when people …

A. discover secrets
B. learn a new trick
C. talk about effects

Take a 30 seconds break and play the recording again.

Task two

Listen and complete the report form. There will now be a pause of 30 seconds for you to look through the form.

You can play and/or download the task 2 here.

(0) (Example) The referee for the matches is:      Sgt Cook

(8) HQ Company will play:
(9) The ambulance is to be called by:
(10) Maj. Ramsey feels:
(11) The bar will close at:
(12) Noisy soldiers will get:
(13) The speaker will be standing next to:

Take a 30 seconds break and play the recording again.

Task three

Listen and answer questions 14 to 20 by putting either T for ‘true’ or F for ‘false’ inside the brackets. You now have 30 seconds to look through the questions for Task Three.

You can play and/or download the task 3 here.

0. (Example) In the past, there were brutal prison camps in Guiana. (…T..)

14. French Guiana is a better place to live than before. (…)
15. Food in the jungle is polluted because of gold-mining. (…)
16. French soldiers are allowed to imprison miners. (…)
17. Gold miners are the main danger to French soldiers. (…)
18. Specialized gold-mining equipment is transported by land. (…)
19. Money is seldom used in the nearest town. (…)
20. French soldiers can use Guianian experience in combat. (…)

Take a 30 seconds break and play the recording again. Then, you can look through your answers for one minute and the test is over.

Answer key


1 A    2 B    3 A    4 A    5 C     6 B    7 C


8 support company
9 Duty Officer
10 they will win again
11 12.30
12 extra duty
13 CO’s Land Rover


14 F    15 T     16 F     17 F    18 F     19 T    20 T