Listening comprehension – level 2

Listening comprehension tasks according to STANAG 6001 - military EnglishSTANAG 6001 test derived from the Central Examination Board for  Foreign Languages of the Ministry of National Defense (CEBFL) in Poland. It was adjusted a little to make it easier for the site visitors to practise on-line. The whole test is designed to test your listening comprehension within 35 minutes. Any time the break is required, you will be informed and must count this time yourself. All tasks recordings are played twice during exam.

Listening test – SLP 2222


Task One

For questions 1-7 please choose the best answer a), b) or c). You now have one minute to look through the questions for Task One.

You can play and/or download the task one here.

1. The Grand National horse race is …

A. difficult
B. important
C. well known

2. The thing which makes the Grand National so special is the …

A. landmarks
B. history
C. names

3. Silver Birch was on the list of winners because of its…

A. age
B. weight
C. strength

4. The smallest horse to win was …

A. Battleship
B. Gritter
C. Bruce

5. Jenny Pitman’s second horse to win was …

A. Garrison Savannah
B. Corbier
C. Royal Athlete

6. A month before the race, organisers begin …

A. building walls
B. making fences
C. digging ditches

7. The rider that fell in 1839 was …

A. Becher
B. Conrad
C. Brook

Take a 30 seconds break and play the recording again.

Task two

Listen and complete the report form. Take no more than 30 seconds to look through the form.

You can play and/or download the task 2 here.

(0) (Example) The riots started …   in Kabul

(8) The US convoy consisted of …
(9) The US troops couldn’t drive away because they …
(10) The total number of killed people …
(11) People in the crowd were carrying …
(12) Damage caused at the US embassy …
(13) The curfew should end at …

Take a 30 seconds break and play the recording again.

Task three

Listen and answer questions 14 to 20 by putting either T for ‘true’ or F for ‘false’ inside the brackets. You now have 30 seconds to look through the questions for Task Three.

You can play and/or download the task 3 here.

0. (Example) The disaster happened a few days before Christmas. (…T..)

14. The catastrophe happened 48 minutes after take-off. (……)
15. The falling pieces caused the most serious damage to the houses. (……)
16. The nose of the plane was in one piece when it landed. (……)
17. Nearly 200 Americans died in the crash. (……)
18. The Iranian plane was shot down before the bombing of Flight 103. (……)
19. The bomb was hidden in a brown suitcase. (……)
20. Libya accepted international judges. (……)

Take a 30 seconds break and play the recording again. Then, you can look through your answers for one minute and the test is over.

Answer key

 Task one

1 A      2 B     3 A     4 A     5 C     6 B    7 A

Task two

8)  10 military trucks
9)  were blocked (by other cars)
10)  four
11)  (sticks and) stones
12)  none (no damage)
13)  6 o’clock (a.m.) (in the morning)

Task three

14 F    15 F     16 T     17 T    18 T     19 T    20 F