This page is designed to provide you with the most useful links. Whenever you want to sign up for the STANAG 6001 exam, military English course or just want to find additional English materials, you can find proper links and additional information here, on this page.

Since I’m Polish I will focus on the English exams in Poland, putting here information valid for the Poles willing to take military exams in English in my country. All the links and information I divided into subject categories to let you find right information more easily.

Where to study military English in Poland:

(Gdzie się uczyć wojskowego angielskiego w Polsce)

All teaching centres listed below are authorized to organize foreign language courses up to level 3 (according to STANAG 6001 proficiency level). Additionally, all military units in Poland may organize their own language courses up to level 2. The exams, in that case, will be conducted by representatives from PAFSL from Łódź.


  • Wojskowe Studium Nauczania Języków Obcych (1) (direct link) – the central MoD organization particularly predisposed to set standards in military English teaching in the Polish Armed Forces;



  • Studium Języków Obcych przy Wyższej Szkole Oficerskiej Wojsk Lądowych im. Tadeusza Kościuszki (direct link);


  • Studium Języków Obcych przy Akademii Marynarki Wojennej im. Bohaterów Westerplatte (direct link);


  • Studium Języków Obcych przy Wyższej Szkole Oficerskiej Sił Powietrznych (direct link);


  • Lektorat Języków Obcych przy Centrum Szkolenia Wojsk Lądowych im. Stefana Czarnieckiego (Centrum homepage);

1 – authorized to organize language courses and exams up to level 4;
2 – authorized to organize courses of Polish for the foreigners up to level 3;
3 – a private school of English, capable of Stanag courses up to level 3, not listed in MoD registry of
teaching centres;

All mentioned institutions are marked on the following map. I added also private institutions offering language courses according to Stanag6001.

in red: military institutions;
in green: private schools:
in orange: Stanag6001 courses only in Russian, Ukrainian and Polish as a foreign language;
in blue: the firm offering methodology courses for military English teachers

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