Food rations and gunfire incident topics – level 3

Writing samples of the military writing according to Stanag6001.Below you will find possible answers to the writing tasks: L3/W/006.

These are real students’ papers, where I corrected some grammar errors and awkward phrasing. I preserved the original layout, work organization and student’s way of reasoning. The given examples are good enough to pass the exam on level 3. Read it, use it and compare with your own papers.



Dear Sir,

I am writing to you in reply to your request on the new food rations you asked us to test in the field conditions. We accept the above given task but we are going to test the new food next month – during the exercise.

Please, elaborate more on the BMI idea. We are not familiar with it. How should we measure that indicator? Is it invasive anyhow or should it be done by the qualified personnel?

We went through the questionnaire provided by you that rates features of the new product and we found out that the 5th page is missing. Please, fax it to us again together with Form 4, which was not attached either.

We have one final doubt regarding the necessity of the medical check-ups for soldiers after the tests. Please, clarify this issue as well.,

Yours faithfully,


TO: All platoon pleaders


SUBJECT: Upcoming food tests

  • The experimental food rations will be tested during the forthcoming exercises.
  • All the soldiers will be provided with questionnaire measuring different characteristics of the new product.
  • Your subordinates are obliged to follow the test and report on food rations in the attached questionnaire sheets.
  • Soldiers should be informed by you about the necessity of the proper engagement in the test and the penalties in case of any violation of the tests rules. In some circumstances soldiers may be subject to MP investigation and/or dishonourable discharge.


Report on a shooting incident during a patrol

DESCRIPTION: During a patrolling service in an Afghan village, three local people were killed and two others were seriously wounded. According to the patrol commander’s report, his troopes heard suspicious sounds, similar to small arms fire (SAF). The local people started to approach the patrol crew and did not react to the warning shots. From the perspective of the patrol personnel, it looked like an ambush and they responded with fire. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a local celebration.

ANALYSIS OF THE CONSEQUENCES: The above mentioned incident has significant consequences. The accident will be used by terrorists to incite local citizens to standing against our forces. The Afghans have already started perceiving the peacekeeping troops as occupants. Soldiers feel less and less safe. Cumulative stress my lead to other accidents. One of the key factors is a lack of trust between soldiers and local population. The villagers keep asking us why we shoot instead of building new schools and roads.

WAYS OF IMPROVEMENT: Re-establishing of the dialogue with local authorities is crucial for enhancement of the relationships. Cultural awareness experts should be also employed in that process. Other factors are the procedures which should be revised and implemented again. This means that soldiers should undergo new trainings. Inclusion of the local soldiers into patrols should be also considered. Finally, additional resources should be allocated in an information campaign combined with the humanitarian aid distribution.