Level 4 test – listening part

listening resources for STANAG 6001 testsIt’s another STANAG 6001 test derived from the Central Examination Board for  Foreign Languages of the Ministry of National Defense (CEBFL) in Poland. Again, it was adjusted a little to make it easier for the site visitors to practise on-line.

Listening test – SLP 4444


Task One

You are going to listen to six news items. Listen and choose the best answer A, B, C or D. You can hear the items once only. I repeat, once only. Take a break of 30 seconds before each news item to read through the questions to that item.

1. Recently, the Congolese President …

Play/download task 1_1 here.

A.     has invited foreigners to join the Congolese Army
B.     has promised to tighten cooperation with Rwanda
C.     has authorized the use of force against the rebels
D.     has criticized the proxy war between Hutus and Tutsis

2. The destruction of the weather satellite caused commotion in the US as …

Play/donload task 1_2 here.

A.     it delayed signing “the space demilitarization” pact
B.     it means the US satellite communication is in danger
C.     it proved that Chinese warheads jeopardize America
D.     China used state-of-the-art technology new to the US


3. The Burmese government’s offer of talks with the opposition …

Play/download task 1_3 here.

A.     depends on lifting the imposed international embargo
B.     is just an attempt to mislead the foreign public
C.     was unconditionally accepted by the opposition
D.     is conditioned by the release of the imprisoned leader


4. The Turkish society …

Play/download task 1_4 here.

A.     demand counteraction against Turkish Kurds
B.     are afraid of potential skirmishes on the border
C.     insist upon concrete action on Kurds from Iraq
D.     are divided on the issue of attacks against Kurds


5. The recent fighting between north and south Sudan has started because …

Play/download task 1_5 here.

A.     the SPLM members were removed from the present government
B.     the Southerners were unhappy with their position in the government
C.     the agreements of the current peace deal were violated repeatedly
D.     the Northerners stopped trusting the politicians from the South


6. The Hague Tribunal …

Play/download task 1_6 here.

A.    received new evidence of Karadic’s inciting genocide
B.    wants rumours about Hallbrook-Karadic deal investigated
C.    is suspected of guaranteeing immunity for Mr. Karadic
D.    implies the US conceal information about Karadic’s hideout


Task Two

You are going to hear an interview with Bill Richardson, the Governor of New Mexico. Listen and choose the best answer A, B, C or D. You will hear the piece once only. I repeat, once only. Take a break of 1 minute to look through the questions.

Play/download task 2 here.

7. When it comes to Iraq, Gov. Bill Richardson thinks …

A.     pulling out US troops would cause chaos there
B.     only non-combat troops should be left in the country
C.     only diplomatic solutions should be applied there
D.    the number of the US troops in Iraq should be reduced

8. According to Gov. Richardson, it is true that …

A.     the US troops are a peacekeeping force in Iraq
B.     Iraq is the priority of American foreign policy
C.     the US has support of other nations in Iraq
D.     US military ability is unaffected by the conflict

9. In Gov. Richardson’s opinion, …

A.     Ahmadinejad’ s visit to Ground Zero area was a moral mistake
B.     Ahmadinejad should have been forbidden to enter the United States
C.     a debate between Ahmadinejad and the US President is a good idea
D.     the US had no other choice but let Ahmadinejad into the country

10. The United States can deal with Iran by …

A.     imposing strict economic sanctions
B.     having talks with moderate factions
C.     threatening it with a military action
D.     forming Muslim countries’ coalition


Task Three

You will hear a radio discussion. Listen and complete the notes by writing a few words. An example has been done for you. You can hear the piece twice. I repeat, twice. Take a break of 30 seconds to look through the questions.

Play/download task 3 here.

0. (Example)The Senate won’t pass anything on Iraq unless  the Democrats are supported by ………….. moderate Republicans ………

11. According to the Jim Webb amendment, the dwell time ……………..

12. John Warner didn’t support the amendment because he was ……….……

13. If the Webb amendment gets passed, commanders in the field may deal with it by

……………….   or  ………………….

14. According to one speaker, no number of troops could …………


Task Four

You will hear a presentation made by an expert on the transformation of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Listen and complete the notes by writing a few words. An example has been done for you. You can hear the piece once only. I repeat, once only. Take now a break of 1 minute to look through the questions.

Play/download task 4 here.

China has evolved from : (0) a regional to a global leader

Military doctrines applied in China:

  • old doctrine major and nuclear war
  • new doctrine – (15) ……………………

Reasons for the PLA’ s transformation:

  • competition with neighbours
  • Taiwan

China will use its Armed Forces against Taiwan if (16) ……………………

Changes within the PLA:

  • Land troops – reduced
  • Infantry – (17) …………………

A big discrepancy in service conditions has caused (18) ………………………

The Chinese Army still has to deal with some difficulties

The greatest impediment to overcome by the PLA is (19) ……………

The effectiveness of the transformed PLA remains unknown until (20) ……………


You now have 4 minutes to check through your answers. Then you can check your answers with the answer key provided below.

Answer key:

Task One:   1) C     2) B     3) B      4) D       5) B      6) B

Task Two:  7) C       8) B        9) D        10) B

Task Three:  11) should be equal to the time in combat  12) persuaded by Secretary of Defence   13) extending tours or calling up National Guards    14) achieve US victory in Iraq

Task Four:  15) local limited conflict     16) negotiations fail       17) transformed into SOF (Special Operations Forces)      18) quality gap(among the personnel)      19) common soldiers’ mentality     20) proved in combat