Level 4 speaking (SLP 4444)

Level 4 exam – speaking



You serve in an Air Force military unit, and you think it would be a good idea to organise an international air-show in the base. You are to give a formal presentation about it. (1) Tell your superiors about your idea, (2) present its advantages and (3) try to predict problems. (4) Convince your superiors of the feasibility of the project. Below are some visuals and ideas that may help you. Elements 1 to 4 must be included.
A picture with citizens' opinions in it

2009 Kłobuck air-show:

  • advantages:
    • new experience/information
    • Polish companies (promotion)
    • town (promotion)
    • renovation of base
    • seminar/workshop
  • problems
    • not enough hotel rooms
    • railway far away
    • no experience
    • safety
A sketch map with Kłobuck airfield

A sketch map with Kłobuck airfield and nearby Poznań