Level 3 – a new exam model in Poland

New… but old

I must be honest with you – that exam model is not that new because Polish Armed Forces School of Languages (PAFSL) introduced it as early as September, 2015. Even though I decided to describe it as “new” because some of you, accustomed to the older exam model, while trying to confirm or upgrade your language certificate, might be surprised during the exam. Those who took last exam some years ago, must adjust now to pass it smoothly.

Don’t be scared though. If you are used to the previous model you will have to be prepared only for some new elements. There is more regarding evaluation of your writing though and you should know it in advance to tailor your writing to new requirements and criteria. The presentation below will lead you through all the changes comparing it with the older model. In the presentation you will also find some hints for your consideration.

A good change?

Generally speaking all changes make sense but I don’t like one change in particular. They lifted the words limit in writing which used to force students to be concise and brief (as the military should be!). Now, you do not need to care about wordiness but then you will have more opportunities to make errors. So, do not forget my tips on concise writing and redundancy.

Good luck at the exam!