Level 3 – new examination sets

The new model of the English exam on level 3 was adopted in Poland as early as September, 2015. However, this is the first examination set complying with that model. Thanks to PAFSL in Łódź, you fill find below two tasks from the written part of the exam. You can also find a possible answer which is based on our students’ attempts, i.e. their own ideas with necessary corrections and editing. The differences between the old model and the new one were already wrapped up in my article here:

English examination set #L3/W/013

Level 3


Time: 80 minutes

Task One

Write a minimum of 120 words on the topic below.

During an international field exercise, a soldier was injured at a shooting range. You have been asked to write a memo to your CO in which you 1) describe the incident and its reasons, 2) present action taken and say how the incident affected the exercise, 3) suggest what measures should be taken in order to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Task Two

Write a minimum of 200 words on one of the topics below.

1. The proposal to legalize soft drugs is raising a lot of controversy. You have been asked to write a report about the situation in Poland. Include the following points:

  • describe the situation in Poland
  • assess the positive and negative sides of the proposal
  • suggest an alternative solution to the problem of soft drugs

2. Communications technology is developing at a very fast pace. You have been asked to write a report on its influence on people’s lives. Include the following points:

  • describe communication technology advances in recent years
  • assess their negative and positive impact on people’s lives
  • suggest how this technology will influence everyday life in the future

Writing samples (memo and report)

Task 1

From: Lt Wilk

To: Col Piotrowicz

Subject: Incident during BALTOPS

  • During current exercise BALTOPS 15 one soldier from the 7th infantry platoon was badly injured. His rifle fired and a bullet shrank his leg while he was preparing to shoot on a shooting range. We assume the incident took place because he installed a wrong cartridge clip to the rifle.
  • The soldier received first aid and was transported to a surgery ward. The shooting part of the exercise had been suspended until a prosecutor arrived. On a following day I decided to conduct shooting as usual, after examining if after examining if the rounds were installed in appropriate cartridges.
  • I strongly recommend two safety measures to avoid similar accidents in the future. Firstly, soldiers should not be allowed to load rounds without supervising. Secondly, some additional training focusing on ammunition issues should be organized.

Task 2


The aim of this report is to assess communications technology influence on people’s lives. It presents brief description of communication technology recent advancement, threats and opportunities it creates, and prediction of future outcomes. The report is based on my personal experience in this subject and research on failing sight.

Communications technology advancement

.Communications market sector has grown significantly since 2010. Concerning a total amount of sold devices (like mobiles, tablets, notebooks, etc.) it almost doubled. The key reason is that a single device became affordable almost for everyone – the average price of a cutting-edge mobile decreased from $ 5,000  in 2010 to $ 3,000  in 2015.

Nevertheless, technology used in communications made a stepping stone during last years, so that next-gen devices perform better and better. Modern, digital, and quadrature modulations, frequency hopping techniques, powerful signal processors and so forth give a variety of possibilities like high speed video streaming or ultra-quality audio calls with ciphering performed online to ensure safety.

Advantages and disadvantages

All characteristics mentioned above allow people to stay in touch even if they are far apart. Instant access to the Internet make people smarter because they have one-click-access knowledge. However, there are a couple of drawbacks. For instance more and more people become addicted to their devices, especially the youth. It may deteriorate social bonds. Furthermore, excessive usage of mobile phones or notebooks is likely to weaken one’s ability to see from short distances, research says.


I believe that a fast pace of the technological advances will continue to influence our communications during the following decades. We can expect more remotely controlled cars on our roads which will make everyday commuting more safe and easy. 3D video conferences will enhance our communication experience, making contacts with distant relatives and friends more frequent and enjoyable. At the same time, however, the modern technology will loosen our social bonds in direct contacts and our neighbours will become strangers, represented rather by social media profiles than the real persons we would like to talk to.