Housing and flooding problems – egxamination set, level 3

Polish Military Housing Agency - Wojskowa Agencja MieszkaniowaAnother examination set on level 3. The courtesy of the PAFSL in Łódź. Good luck!

English examination set #L3/W/007

Level 3


Time: 90 minutes

Task One

Part A

You are on a mission and in your AOR (Area of Responsibility) there is a serious risk of flooding. The local authority has sent you an email asking for urgent help. Write a reply in which you 1) accept the task, 2) ask for details and 3) give some suggestions. Use the notes below and write between 100 – 120 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions, otherwise you will be penalized.

Info you got from the local authority: Your notes:
– 7 villages – risk of flooding /evacuation needed! – People warned? How many to evacuate?
– Shelters ready  Where?/ How far?
– Food – not enough! – OK, military rations / inform UN food agency!
– River flood bank – soaked & weak – No engineers! Contact US unit!
 Coordinator needed! Who? Contact details!

Part B

You have received a reply from the local authority representative with information about what else they need in order to prepare for the flood. Write a short memo to your CO 1) to inform them which problems the civilians still cannot cope with (think about medicine, clothes, etc.) and 2) to say what else the Polish side may do. Write between 60 – 80 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instructions, otherwise you will be penalized.

Task Two

The NATO Living Standards Commission is going to publish a report on accommodation of soldiers in the NATO countries. You were asked to contribute. Write a report 1) describing the housing situation of the military personnel in your unit, 2) presenting advantages and disadvantages of the current accommodation situation in the PAF (Polish Armed Forces), 3) as well as suggesting how the existing housing problems should be solved. Write between 200 – 250 words. Remember not to copy the exact phrasing of the task instruction and input, otherwise you will be penalized.

The military Housing Agency:

– Sells flats and military property

– Builds, renovates & modernizes military property
– Provides living quarters & substitution accommodation
– Grants military housing benefits

Higher Housing Benefits In The Military

New Regulations Ensure Accommodation for All Soldiers

The Military Housing Agency Is Turning into One of The Country’s Biggest Real Estate Developers


Supreme Chamber of Control (NIK) Suspects the Military Housing Agency Employees of Corruption and Mismanagement of Finances

(Press Headlines)


Quarters for privates? Awful! In old barracks with poor standard and rooms to share. Still I don’t have to pay for that or travel so much.
a professional private

Extracts from a phone-in radio programme:
“Soldiers complain? They shouldn’t. Who gets so much help with accommodation from the state?”
“My brother, a soldier with family, had to wait for months for a flat in his unit. Shame indeed!”
“Why can’t we live like American soldiers on the bases? Everything is close there: work, shops,
kindergarten, school, sports and medical centres. And it’s safe, too!”


Me? I serve far away. Well, paying for two homes even with the housing benefit is tough.
an officer

The Military Housing Agency? Blocks of flats not renovated for years and very high rents! I wanted to buy my own place, but now after changes in regulations it’s not a good deal anymore!
an NCO