Free evaluation summary

checkOn 27th of September we launched the “free evaluation” programme (link). You could write some English tests and receive the feedback absolutely for free. It’s time to summarize this event.

Who decided to participate

Four military students decided to take part in this programme and submitted their writing in the announced time window. Two of them were Polish, one was Romanian and one was Spanish. We congratulate all of them. We congratulate mostly on their courage and this painstaking effort to produce something. Writing as a productive skill always requires more effort than receptive skills such as listening or reading. The submitted tests were on level 3 (three of them) and on level 2 (just one).

How you could submit your writing

Basically, we encourage students to write tests on paper and submit its scanned version. Half of the submissions was done in that way. We also accept MSWord files, which is even easier for us to check, but has fewer educational gains for the students. We adhere to a good military principle “train as you fight”. Therefore we believe that students should attempt the tests as they would be taking them at the real exam: with your pen and a sheet of paper only.

What could you get from us

Regardless of the form you choose, you always receive a Word document in “tracking changes mode”. It helps you track any modifications we did, still having extended comments on your errors and final note about the points you receive. Below you can find an examle of a hand written sample submitted with its Word version, simply retyped by us with corrector’s comments.


How we evaluate your writing

In the editing/correction practice we follow the Polish military regulations applying their evaluation criteria and scoring rules. The typical evaluation table looks like this:


We hope you are convinced now to get ready for the next programme and develop your skills for free. This is a win-win situation and your brain will appreciate such a training for sure.