Writing samples on level 3, flood and trainings topics

Writing samples of the military writing according to Stanag6001.Below you will find possible answers to the writing tasks: L3/W/005.

These are real students’ papers, where I corrected some grammar errors and awkward phrasing. I preserved the original layout, work organization and student’s way of reasoning. The given examples are very good, and all tasks assigned were fulfilled. Read it, use it and compare with your own papers.


Dear Maj. Abdul,

I’m writing to you to thank you wholeheartedly for the outstanding participation of your soldiers during the landmines and C-IED training organized in the Sangin Training Centre. Amongst the other soldiers, Khan and Khanin deserve a special commendation. I can confirm that all of your 125 subordinates are ready to deal properly with encountered mines.

Having in mind well started cooperation, I would like to offer you and your troops another training in August. We plan field exercises at the training area and the participation of the Afghan allies is warmly expected.

At this stage of the planning process, we are quite flexible, therefore, we would like to ask you about the number of the Afghan soldiers and ideas regarding the content of the training.

Yours faithfully,





SUBJECT : Outcomes of the meeting with MAJ. Abdul

  • Together with the Afghan side, we decided that the next training event will take place between 15th and 22nd of August at the Bagram Training Area. The main topic of the exercise will be the medical evacuation procedures.
  • Artificial wounds and blood lots should be ordered. Acquisition of additional 150 dressings is expected as well.
  • I suggest that you appoint Lieutenant Kowalski as a coordinator of the preparations.



Report on Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) during the recent flood in Poland.

  • Description of the relief activities :

During the recent flood in Southern parts of Poland the 10th Brigade was involved in the management activities together with firefighters and some volunteers. Apart from being responsible for repairing the flood barriers, soldiers also constructed a pontoon bridge. Morover, thanks to the military all terrain vehicles, it was possible to evacuate hundreds of villagers. In the most difficult situations, military helicopters delivered food, water and warm blankets. Additional 5 tonnes of the supplies were delivered to crisis management depots.

  • Cooperations with emergency services and local authorities :

Soldiers were involved on the basis of the governor’s request and the Ministry of Defense decision. The use of forces was allowed from the legal perspective. Generally, the cooperation with firefighters and veterinarians was smooth and well organized. Coming to the drawbacks and the gaps, there still is a place for improvement in the field of flood management, such as the communication, the supply chain, the deployment procedures.

  • Issues to be addressed, things to be improved :

Although nearly all aims set for the military during the flood were fulfilled, a few things should be improved. First of all, local authorities should send a request for military assistance earlier. More attention should be given to the preparation phase. Civilians did not know the evacuation procedures at all. Finally, emergency warehouses were not prepared for proper supply distribution due to the scale of the flood.