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Aviation English

English in aviation

English is the universal language of communication used in aviation. However, the English of international aviation is not English for general purposes nor English for international purposes. Aviation English, and specifially military aviation English, is a language for specific purposes but it is even more restricted than that. The terms are Military aviation English - aircraft vocabulary and specialized language termsthose used in everyday work on aircraft, and cover parts of the aircraft, manipulating the aircraft on the ground and in the air, instructions to passengers, conversations with air traffic control, weather, emergencies, etc. They are used everyday by pilots, cabin staff, maintenance crews and ground staff worldwide.

English in aviation as a code

Much of the English of aviation can be classified as Continue reading “Aviation English” »

Best books for military English learners

Military reading

You could notice that my site lacks a section called “blogroll” or any of such a type. Instead, to support your self-studies, here is the additional list of the best books to read and the best sites to visit while learning military English.

Course book reviews

Most of the books mentioned below are the books I have already read and thorougly studied. That’s why I have no scruples about recommending it to the military English learners.

1) “Command English” by James Arnold and Robert Sacco. It is the first book featuring military vocabulary I have Command English - a basic military English course bookread in my life. It’s a well recognized and received publication, which thanks to many illustrations enables beginners to familiarize with the military vocabulary. The whole book is divided into 20 units, all of them featuring thematic vocabulary on a particular subject – an area of military life. The book also contains four progress tests, each of them testing 5 subsequent units. To help the reader out with word search there is also a vocabulary list at the end of the book. In this list, you can easily find an unknown word and refer to the proper chapter for its usage. The book was published by Longman – Pearson Education (in 2011 rebranded to Pearson: Pearson no longer offers this book. Continue reading “Best books for military English learners” »