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New text book for military learners – level 3

We have already announced on Facebook that a new book would appear on the market soon. The time has come. As I promised, this is a hot review of the pre-printed copy I got from the author.

A new textbook for those attempting Stanag6001 exams

If you prepare for any English exam, sooner or later, you must do some pre-exam tests. Not only to test your level of knowledge and your readiness in general. First of all, you must familiarize with the type of exercises you will be asked to do during the actual exam. The same concerns military English exams. Each country developed its own examination models and they are standard ones, that means you can have a look at the earlier exam editions and learn what to expect when your moment arrives. But where can you find the previous exams? The answer was here, on my website. From 2012 I have been trying to fill in the gap, providing English resources for both, students and teachers, but since February 2017 you can reach for another source of knowledge too.

speaking and writing expert - Stanag6001 level 3

speaking and writing expert – Stanag6001 level 3

This year a new book appeared on the market. It is “Speaking And Writing Expert. How to Pass STANAG 6001 English Exam LEVEL 3” by Małgorzata Mazurek – a Polish English teacher working for the military school of foreign languages in Warsaw. She devoted several years of her professional career to teach military students English. The book is the natural consequence of the scarcity of the resources on the market and her answer to the problem. Let’s have a look at what you can get once you decide to buy it. Continue reading “New text book for military learners – level 3” »

Stanag6001 exams equivalents

Exams equivalents

A writer must write concise sentences. Avoid wordiness and redundancies in your papers.– Hi, I have passed Stanag6001 exam on level 3!
– OK, so what level is it exactly? Is it CAE equivalent?
– Hmm, I don’t know…

Did you happen to have similar conversation with your colleagues? Sooner or later you would. And then: “Houston, we’ve got a problem!” What is obvious for the military personnel, it might not be for the civilians. Let’s analyze the military exams equivalents, available on the market.

International classification of language levels

European Union has set up some language proficiency standards. The scale of your proficiency is organized in a table know as Common European Framework of Reference for Languages shortly called CEFR. This internationally recognizable scale distinguishes Continue reading “Stanag6001 exams equivalents” »

Free evaluation summary

checkOn 27th of September we launched the “free evaluation” programme (link). You could write some English tests and receive the feedback absolutely for free. It’s time to summarize this event.

Who decided to participate

Four military students decided to take part in this programme and submitted their writing in the announced time window. Two of them were Polish, one was Romanian and one was Spanish. We congratulate all of them. We congratulate mostly on their Continue reading “Free evaluation summary” »

Level 3 – a new exam model in Poland

New… but old

I must be honest with you – that exam model is not that new because Polish Armed Forces School of Languages (PAFSL) introduced it as early as September, 2015. Even though I decided to describe it as “new” because some of you, accustomed to the older exam model, while trying to confirm or upgrade your language certificate, might be surprised during the exam. Those who took last exam some years ago, must adjust now to Continue reading “Level 3 – a new exam model in Poland” »

Tactical game – testing stage

English resources for the military

I believe I have a great news for all military English fans. I have been developing the idea of a tactical board game for the English learners for two years already. And this week I finally reached the stage of practical tests in my unit. The idea of a tactical game originated from my own experience with language learning and the language deficiencies identified during ISAF mission. No matter what teachers I had I always missed practical application of the materials presented. To

Fragment of a tactical game board. Ghazni area in Afghanistan - the settings of the game for the military.

The game board – one sixth of the featured sketch. Ghazni area of Afganistan.

pratice military jargon in real military situations with non-military teachers was even harder to perform.

But this year I’m going to change this situation a little! Let me explain to you what the whole concept is about.

English tactical game – rules

The rules are super simple. There are two players or teams in the game – color coded as Whites and Blacks. Whites are players who do tasks of the patrol leader and Blacks are those who do tasks of the unit commander in TOC. Players draw Continue reading “Tactical game – testing stage” »

Aviation English

English in aviation

English is the universal language of communication used in aviation. However, the English of international aviation is not English for general purposes nor English for international purposes. Aviation English, and specifially military aviation English, is a language for specific purposes but it is even more restricted than that. The terms are Military aviation English - aircraft vocabulary and specialized language termsthose used in everyday work on aircraft, and cover parts of the aircraft, manipulating the aircraft on the ground and in the air, instructions to passengers, conversations with air traffic control, weather, emergencies, etc. They are used everyday by pilots, cabin staff, maintenance crews and ground staff worldwide.

English in aviation as a code

Much of the English of aviation can be classified as Continue reading “Aviation English” »