Examination set (level 3) with four answers

New English examination set on level 3 according to Stanag6001. An illustration to topics covered: juvenile delinquency, terrorist attack, privacy limiting, Google search results with sensitive information

Stanag6001 test level 3 new topics

Another examination set on level 3 with our student’s answers, good enough to pass the exam. This time we provide four topics. A pdf version of tasks is available below the article.

English examination set #L3/W/015

Level 3


Time: 80 minutes


Write a minimum of 120 words on one of the topics below.

(In the examination candidates are to write either a letter or a memorandum – never both)

  1. Letter / email

While surfing on the Internet, you noticed some sensitive information concerning the Polish troops stationed in Afghanistan. Write an email to Google 1) asking to remove this site from their search engine, 2) writing what information it is, 3) explaining why it is important to remove it. Continue reading “Examination set (level 3) with four answers” »

New text book for military learners – level 3

We have already announced on Facebook that a new book would appear on the market soon. The time has come. As I promised, this is a hot review of the pre-printed copy I got from the author.

A new textbook for those attempting Stanag6001 exams

If you prepare for any English exam, sooner or later, you must do some pre-exam tests. Not only to test your level of knowledge and your readiness in general. First of all, you must familiarize with the type of exercises you will be asked to do during the actual exam. The same concerns military English exams. Each country developed its own examination models and they are standard ones, that means you can have a look at the earlier exam editions and learn what to expect when your moment arrives. But where can you find the previous exams? The answer was here, on my website. From 2012 I have been trying to fill in the gap, providing English resources for both, students and teachers, but since February 2017 you can reach for another source of knowledge too.

speaking and writing expert - Stanag6001 level 3

speaking and writing expert – Stanag6001 level 3

This year a new book appeared on the market. It is “Speaking And Writing Expert. How to Pass STANAG 6001 English Exam LEVEL 3” by Małgorzata Mazurek – a Polish English teacher working for the military school of foreign languages in Warsaw. She devoted several years of her professional career to teach military students English. The book is the natural consequence of the scarcity of the resources on the market and her answer to the problem. Let’s have a look at what you can get once you decide to buy it. Continue reading “New text book for military learners – level 3” »

Level 3 writing test

The brand-new examination set we prepared for our students on level 3. Below you will find example answers to the chosen tasks. At the end of the page a pdf version of tasks is available.

English examination set #L3/W/014

Level 3


Time: 80 minutes


Write a minimum of 120 words on one of the topics below.

(In the examination candidates are to write either a letter or a memorandum – never both)

  1. Letter / email

In the area where you are stationed on a mission, there is going to be a referendum. You have received a letter from the local authorities with a request to provide more security and to protect the polling stations on the day of the referendum. Write a reply to the letter 1) accepting the task, 2) asking for additional information, and 3) suggesting a meeting to arrange further details. Continue reading “Level 3 writing test” »

Level 3 – new examination sets

The new model of the English exam on level 3 was adopted in Poland as early as September, 2015. However, this is the first examination set complying with that model. Thanks to PAFSL in Łódź, you fill find below two tasks from the written part of the exam. You can also find a possible answer which is based on our students’ attempts, i.e. their own ideas with necessary corrections and editing. The differences between the old model and the new one were already wrapped up in my article here:

English examination set #L3/W/013

Level 3


Time: 80 minutes Continue reading “Level 3 – new examination sets” »

Meeting in progress

Meetings – an essential part of the modern army

Like it or not, you will have to deal with it. Contemporary military personnel spend much time on meetings, either preparing them, either participating or reporting. You can call them sometimes briefings (sounds more military-like), but they are similar in nature to business or political level meetings. They have a lot in common so you cannot get away with not knowing its basic elements and related vocabulary. You’d better acquire some useful phrases, then you will be able to handle any meetings. For your convenience, the full lexical summary (a cheatsheet in an alphabetical order) is provided at the end of the article.  Continue reading “Meeting in progress” »

E-learning platform

An e-learning platform

If you follow us on Facebook you already know that an e-learning platform on our website was planned to be launched. That time is now! We are glad to announce that since 11NOV16 you can use this platform to study English and prepare for the military English exams better.

What can you do with it?

First of all, it is a new technical solution, which allows the content offered to be organized in the proper way with multiple forms of exercises. But the feature you will enjoy most is its fully automated, interactive content management. Once the lessons and connected activities are uploaded, you can freely browse through them, try them and store the history of your performance. The platform offers much more than we could possibly provide on this website. Anytime you decides so, you do the lessons. Have a break, then return and you can continue from the moment you stopped.

What is available?

It took many weeks to develop the platform as a tool, another couple of weeks to design the first courses. As the starting package we offer “Introduction to Stanag6001 course – level 3” and “A sample lesson – briefings“. The content in development is either not visible yet, or not accessible for the students. You can enter the platform by clicking the “e-learning” tab on the website. You would be automatically logged in as “a guest” with “student” status and privileges.

A guest, a student, or an authenticated user?

The platform differentiates its users depending on their status. If you only want to preview the content, it is enough to be a guest there (default option). If you think about studying seriously, we encourage you to register and become “an authenticated user”. Since that moment you can enjoy your personalised account, gradebook, progress tracking, hidden features, quizzes and many more. Your status is your choice – decide to register any moment you wish. It takes a minute of your time, one e-mail and that’s it!

What is next?

To do the available lessons you need approximately 1 hour. Then, we regret to say that, you must wait a bit for more. The course development and publishing take time! On our priority list, level 3 is the first one. We simply listen to our fans’ suggestions and they decided what should be developed first. On our Facebook fanpage we launched a survey and most of you voted for level 3. This level course will be developed till the end of 2016 in full. Next year, different level resources may appear, but not earlier. Remember, you have the influence on our offer – find the following survey on Facebook and cast your vote.


We understand that using a new tool is sometimes painful to learn. That is why we plan to develop a tutorial on how to use the e-learning platform properly, how to discover its features. Another idea is to organize a webinar where we could guide all who cares on the platform features. That option depends on your interest, expressed in another survey on Facebook – look for it there and cast your vote, or write an e-mail requesting it.

Not only for students

The platform offers many functionalities. Actually, most of them are meant for teachers and course managers. If you teach English and want to have an e-platform for your teaching, just request a teacher’s account and specify your needs in a separate e-mail. We are open to such a cooperation. The platform is for free, no hidden costs! If you develop your own content, you can decide who is using it, how you handle the lessons, grade your students, etc. Our admin will just take care of the content compliance with a common sense, netiquette, and political correctness. We do not want to be associated with an improper or bad quality content. You can freely develop your own brand though.